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Dozens arrested by the Iranian fierce crackdown against Ahwazi activists

The Iranian criminal regime authorities have launched a widespread campaign of repression against the Ahwazi activists, arresting dozens in the Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) province, southern Iran, in recent weeks.

The wave of arrests includes Ahwazi civil society and political activists, in which Iranian criminal authorities use the arrests as an excuse to paw the way to crush the opposition voice in Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) province, southern Iran.

The arrests took place in various Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) province’s cities and villages, including Ahwaz capital, Hamidiyeh, Mohammareh, Susa (Shush) and Falahieyh, where the mass arrests have created an atmosphere of fear and horror among Ahwazis who are already facing persecution and discrimination in Iran.

Some of the arrests has taken place prior to “Eid Fitr” against Ahwazi cultural activists in attempt to silence the voice of Ahwazi people who are celebrating the occasion to show and bring the attention of global community about their suffering and miseries exercises by Iranian criminal authorities. 

Iran’s record of persecution and discrimination against Ahwazi Arabs shows that these arrests are arbitrary and politically motivated.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has documented following names that were arrested by Iranian regime officials.

  1. Mohammad Obeidawi,22, resident of “Ein Dou” District
  2. Moussa Doraghi son of Neamatolah, 27, resident of Falahieyh (Shadeghan) city,
  3. Eissa Doraghi son of Neamatolah, 22, resident of Falahieyh (Shadeghan) city,
  4. Hakim Sawaedi (Ghabeshi), 31, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  5. Ahmad Daghagheleh son of Rahim, 40, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  6. Karim Borwayeh, 36, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  7. Emad Kaabi, 26, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  8. Adnan Sawari son of Jassem, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  9. Yousef Kaabi, 28, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  10. Ali Sawari son of Zaghir, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  11. Najil Hashemi (Maleki) son of Ali resident of “Shemriyeh” village
  12. Hajeb Hashemi son of Hossein resident of “Shemriyeh” village
  13. Nour Hashemi son of Ali resident of “Shemriyeh” village
  14. Nathem Hashemi son of Saddam, resident of “Shemriyeh” village
  15. Hassan Hashemi son of Toameh, resident of “Shemriyeh” village
  16. Ahmad Thaalabi Hassani, 27, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  17. Reza Saeidawi son of Ghanem, 27, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  18. Ahmad Sari son of Jassem, 30, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  19. Sadegh Alobeid son of Hossein, resident “Elhaii” city, 
  20. Adnan Bin Rahman, resident “Elhaii” city,
  21. Sauod Khothairi, resident “Elhaii” city,
  22. Mehdi Kuroshat son of Naji, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  23. Abbas Kuroshat, 50, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  24. Ashur Sari son of Juma, 60, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  25. Masoud Kanani, resident of Ahwaz capital,
  26. Walid Delfi, resident of Mallashyeh district,
  27. Ghadir Delfi, resident of Mallashyeh district,
  28. Hamed Amouri, 17, resident of “Zoweiyeh” district of Ahwaz capital,
  29. Adel Neissi, son of Hamid, 19, resident of “Zoweiyeh” district of Ahwaz capital,
  30. Ghasem Mashaali, resident of Eghranah city,
  31. Ali Zariyji , resident of Shawour area of Susa city
  32. Majid Hashemi, son of Ghazi, 25, resident of Mallashyeh district,
  33. Faisal Debi, son of Mohammad,
  34. Ahmad Kenani, son of Zamel,
  35. Mohamad Haidari, son of Shayea,
  36. Ghathban Kaabi
  37. Farid Sayahi, poet, resident of Abadan city,
  38. Haidar Doraghi, son of Mansour, 19, resident of Falahieyh city,

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights calls upon the Iranian authorities to release immediately and unconditionally any Ahwazi person detained solely for the peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly or, solely, ethnic identity.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

By: Ali Bouazar


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