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Transfer of two Ahwazi sentenced to death prisoners to Hamadan prison

According to reliable source from Ahwaz capital quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that, two Ahwazi prisoners Named as , Mr. Abdullah Karamoalah Kaab and Mr. Ghasem Abdullah, were transferred from the Ahwaz detention centre to the Hamedan intelligence detention centre on Tuesday April 09, 2019.

In contact with the transferred prisoner’s families in regards what happened and if they are aware of the transfer, the families and relatives are still unaware of the reasons for their transfer to Hamadan city.

Mr. Ghasem Abdullah, born in 1986, married, had two children from the villages of “Beit Derchal” and Abdullah Karamoalah Kaab, born in 1980, married with three children from the “Shawour” village, the two detainees were arrested on October 21, 2015, along with seven others detainees by the Iranian Intelligence service.

Mr. Ghasem and Abdullah has been sentenced to “Moharebeh” and then sentenced to death in the first branch of Ahwaz Revolutionary Court by accusing them by the judge for communication with the outside world, membership in opposition groups and propaganda against the regime. All defendants in the court denied the allegations made against them.

Two detainees that were sentenced to death have never had any phone calls or family visits. A source said that the two detainees had been detained since their arrest in Ahwaz security detention centre.

ACHR has understand from reliable sources that number ( between 40 to 50 prisoner)of detainees arrested aftermath of military parade attack on 22ndof September 2018, were transferred to Hamadan prison.

The sources said that the transfer comes after Ahwazi prisons are more than their capacities and almost all prison’s room are overloaded by prisoners that were left without judgement for several months or years.

One of the Ahwazi detainee that were transferred to Hamadan prison, was tortured barbarically by intelligence officers in way that the detainee’s both hands broken two times during the interrogation process. 

The ACHR has realizes that the Iranian criminal regime are preparing for mass executions against Ahwazi prisoners but the centre could not know the exact date and time of the genocide that is going to happen. 

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns Iranian regime inhumane and heinous behaviour in dealing with Ahwazi detainees and calls for international movement to doomed and denounces the Iranian officials in violating international norms and stopping execution of Ahwazi young.

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