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Mass arrests against members of the Ahwazi popular committees that were aiding the flood victims

The Ahwazi human rights activists quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that the Iranian security service has launched mass campaign of raids and arrests against number of Ahwazi activists in the Mallashyeh district of Ahwaz capital on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

The activists said that the most of the detainees were individual who has helped the Popular Committees for the relief of the deliberate flood’s victims.

The sources also stated that the detainees were reportedly taken to an unknown location without being told about the reasons for their arrest or the charges against them.

After the exposure of the Ahwazi northern part to the deliberate flood, and failure to provide Iranian assistance to the flood victims, popular committees were established in many areas of Ahwaz to help the displaced and affected by the floods.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights managed to obtain the following names of detainees that were arrested:

  1. Rasool Fartoosi
  2. Ebrahim Badawi (poet)
  3. Amin Silawi (poet)
  4. Ali Mousawi (poet)
  5. Hassan Beit Esehagh
  6. Emad Haidari
  7. Ali Naseri
  8. Hatam Dehimi
  9. Ahmad Badawi (poet),
  10. Hossein Hamoudi
  11. Mehdi Sharifi
  12. Ghasem Tamimi
  13. Aref Sarkhi
  14. Foad Badawi
  15. Kazem Marwani
  16. Mohsen Zowidat
  17. Habib Korushat
  18. Masoud Harizawi
  19. Naji Sawari
  20. Haidar Silawi
  21. Masoud Mansouri
  22. Ebrahim Dahimi
  23. Ali Haidari son of Kazem
  24. Mehdi Farhani
  25. Adnan Haidari son of Karim
  26. Hamzeh Haidari son of Sahi
  27. Mehdi Sawari.

The following names are from Ghoriyeh Village of Shuaibya city.

  • Ahmad Kaabi
  • Yaqoob Kaabi

Another Ahwazi citizen, named as Khalid Sawari, 29, and from Ahwaz capital Alawi district, following a summons issued to his father, was referred to the intelligence headquarters for clarification and arrested instead of his father. Khaled Sawari is married and has two children.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has understand from reliable sources that all names of Mallashyeh people were sent by the head of Mallashyeh Basij headquarter named as Moslem Thaalebi. The names were sent to the intelligence department known as “Setad Khabari” two days before the arrests taking place.

Moslem Thaalebi

Floods continue to surround most areas of the Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) province that is located in south and southwestern Iran since 23rdof March 2019. Nine towns and cities have been flooded and 234 villages have been completely flooded and continuing to destroy more and more Ahwazi towns and villages and farmlands, displacing more than 500,000 from their areas and other 3 million are at risk of imminent floods.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the mass arrests against Ahwazi young and the Centre consider the campaign arrests as the way to silence the Ahwazi affected by flood’s voice when they reveilles the lack of aid provided to Ahwazi people nowadays and calls for release of all detainees unconditionally.

 The Centre also calls upon international human rights organisations and defenders to put pressure on Iranian regime to stop its ethnic cleansing policies implemented in all over Al-Ahwaz.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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