Children in Al-Ahwaz

In all countries of the world, attention and concentration are high on the future of the country and people, with great attention to the most important element in development and civilization, namely the child. The development of advanced hospitals for the reception of pregnant mothers and then provide medical services for the child and study in various stages to create generations to boast of the nation’s scientifically and in various aspects of life, including the field of sport. But in the geography of Iran, the situation is very different, especially for the poor children of Ahwaz.

Life is different there, standards are reversed and attention is to be buried and buried before they appear. Mothers do not receive proper health services. Most births are Caesarean births instead of natural birth. Doctors try to sacrifice the woman’s mercy to remain sterile instead of relieving her mother.

The child comes hard to the world to face many problems and complex situations, especially economic and political conditions and security. The schools are very few and the architecture is low and the educational staff is Persian, intransigent, despised and despised by the Arabs and very few Arabs and other nationalities in the so-called geographic of Iran.

In schools, which are supposed to be the first building blocks for the preparation of the child and the refinement of talent, schools are often an environment repulsive. The school process is often repulsive. The Ahwazi child initially clashes with the barrier of the Persian language, which is unknown to her and suffers from the harshness of her teachers.

The result is catastrophic by all standards, with children starting to drop out of primary school by 30% and reaching more than 70% in secondary school according to official Iranian statistics.

The catastrophic consequences are not limited to the scarcity of education and poor health care if available! But the arms of the mullahs’ government in Tehran are fighting the children in Ahwaz for the livelihoods of children by clamping down on their parents.

The injustice is increasing and the victim of the Ahwaz child is doing what is happening to his family and society.

Many of the children of Ahwaz are working at a very early age from the age of six and above, many of them in the midst of stressful work and what is said to be a humiliating, and humiliating task for the children of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of children whose land swims with oil, natural gas, which feed Iran more than 80% of its wealth.

Written by: Ali Bouazar

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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