The death sentence confirmation of two Ahwazi young by the third branch of Iranian Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz

Mr Qasim Abdullahi (Bait Abdullah), son of Abdullah and Abdullah KaramullahChaab, 34, son of Abbas from Shoush city were detained by the Iranian Regime’s Intelligence Agency on 21st October 2015 along with several youths in the region.

According to the judgment’s letter number 9609976122100184 which was issued by the first section of the Iranian revolutionary court, Mr.Qasim Abdullahi (Bait Abdullah) Accused of participating in the formation of the group (Jon Al-Faruq) and participating in the shooting on people who were celebrating Ashura ceremony in Dezful city and disturb the country’s security and Mr.Abdullah Karamulluh Chaab Accused of fighting and leading this group and destabilizing national security.

After appealing against ruling to the Supreme Court due to the lack of evidence of the alleged offense and contradictions in the intelligence service and Public Prosecution’s investigations but their case was referred to the main branch office of the Ahwaz Revolutionary Court.

These cases were investigated in Section 3 of the Revolutionary Court of Ahwaz. The death sentence against Qasim Abdullah (Bait Abdullah) and Abdullah KaramalChaab were confirmed in Section 3 After appeal, their cases were recently sent to the High Court of Tehran for the second time to implement the execution.

According to a contestation which sent by their (defendants) lawyer to the Iranian’s High Court about the reasons and indictments of the shooting incident at Dezful’s mournfulness (Ashura festival or ceremony) and according to the participants’ talk at the time of the accident, the and defendants’ car’s colour were different as stated in the weapons’ expert statement, and despite that they were brought to the judge at the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz. While denying the charges associated with the forced confessions taken from them under torture, even their bodies were naked in front of the judge and the effects of beatings and bruises were completely obvious and according to the Islamic Penal Code, confessions (cannot) be taken under pressure or torture.

After the verdict was issued by Ahwaz Revolutionary Court on Qasim and Abdollah, they were transferred to Isfahan Prison and recently transferred to the Tehran Evin Prison, which has doubled the concern of their families on the execution time that could carry at any time.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemn the Iranian unfair and injustice judgement against Ahwazi young and calls for international pressure against Iranian criminal officials to stops Ahwazi youths’ genocide that is carrying out on daily basis.

report by: Hossein Abdolkhani

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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