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Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights welcomes the European sanctions against Iranian terrorist regime

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights praises the European decision on taking strict sanctions against the slaughterer regime of Iran on widespread campaign of assassination plots across Europe, Describing it as an important step in the fight against international terrorism.

The centre demands from European Union members specially and all world in general in its statement today, to take further steps through the United Nations, international and regional organizations to “expose” the hidden methods left behind against the criminal regime of Iran.

The Centre continue its tribute and admirations to European countries such as Denmark, Netherland, France and Sweden for their valued move in limiting the international terrorism that is supported by Iranian regime as well as destabilizing the peace and safety of innocent people.

From this point the Ahwazi Centre would like to draw the attention of the European Union members that Ahwazi people are suffering from the loss of their identity in the European countries due to imposing the Iranian identity on them which they deny, and calls for interactive and constructive process in dealing with Ahwazi asylum cases.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights08 January 2019

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