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Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights complain to UN’s Enforced disappearance group

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has demanded the reveal of the Ahwazi executed political prisoners’ fate (body) after several years of implementing death penalty (according to the Iranian official authorities) and not delivering their body to their relatives.

ACHR by registering complain and contacting the Head of the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances Mr. Bernard Duhaime, strongly stressed on the destiny of the Ahwazi executed secretly political prisoner and without fair judgement that their body not delivered to their families since passing several years.

Iranian officials have reported to Ahwazi detainee’s families that their son been executed, but never gave their bodies to families, and after several years, their burial grounds have not yet been determined.

The Ahwazi political activists’ executions were initially carried out in an open space such as in the Ahwazi capital ‘s city centre and in front of the public (even children) especially after Ahwazi 2005 intifada where execution carried out against Ahwazi martyrs Mahdi Nawaseri and Ali Afrawi. since then and due to the reaction of Ahwazi people in taking the martyrs as a symbol of the challenge and Iranian injustice against Ahwazi young, the executions moved into the Karoon prison and in secret way, where executions were carried out in 2006 and 2007 against members of the Muhiuddin Brigades such as Ali Mutairi, Abdullah Sulaimani, Malik Tamimi, and other Ahwazi men such as Mohammed Ali Sawari, Ja’far Sawari, Risan Sawari, Zamel Bawi and etc.

Although the trials were simulated and discriminating, apart from martyrs Ali Mutairi and Khalaf Khadirawi who were transferred them directly from the secret ministry detention centre to the Karoon prison solitary cells one day prior to their execution, the other martyrs were distributed in the different prison sections and before the execution, the Iranian officials informed their relatives. Their place of execution as well as the place of burial is clear to the families, and some buried in the presence of a relative as a witness. A few of the martyrs’ families have documents proving the execution and the burial permit of their beloved sons.

The last publicly executed Ahwazi activists in Karoon prison were Saeed Sa’di and Khalil Kaabi from “Tostar “(Shushtar) city in late 2009.

The Iranian regime then proceeded to another sloppy and mysterious style of execution or enforced disappearance, where we do not know the place and the time of death and place of burial and the victim’s families and their wives do not know their legitimate position so far.

Ahwazi martyrs such as Taha Haidarian, Abbas Haidarian, Abdel Rahman Haidarian, their friend Ali Sharifi on June 2012, and also the Falahieyh city youth Abdulreza Khanafereh, Ghazi Abbasi, Abdul Amir Mojadam, Jasem Moghaddam in 2014, and Khalafiyeh city young Hadi Rashidi, Hashem Shaabani Nejad in January 2014, and Susa (Shush) city young Ali Chobeishat, Yasin Mousawi in 2015 and Hamidiyeh city young Qies Obeidawi, Ahmad Obeidawi, Sajjad Obeidawi in August 17, 2016, so far there is no physical execution’s evidence of those who were mentioned and no any identification of place and time of execution and event unknown place of burial and no document to prove their execution.

The parents are still suffering, and father of one of the martyrs says that his son is alive and will return one day as well as the wife of the other family members, and this is a major crime against humanity in the 21stcentury.

The biggest fear of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that they use sentenced to death men in nuclear tests or biological or chemical weapons and this theory exist in an against humanity regime after documents leaked from the religious clerk “fatwas” to use the blood and members of bodies of those sentenced to death for the IRGC wounded officers of the Iran-Iraq war.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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