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A hidden plan for the Ahwaz extermination and Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights demands international intervention to save Ahwazi lives

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) calls and demands swift and urgent appeal to the international community to intervene quickly to protect the Ahwazi people from the Iranian regime oppression, whose leaders have vowed to crackdown the Ahwazi young, on the background of military parade attack on Saturday 22ndof September 2018 that left dozens of IRGC members wounded and dead.

The ACHR emphasize that the remarks of the Iranian Foreign Minister, Jawad Zarif, in which he said we will pursue perpetrators outside the border, and statements by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s spokesman, who said that the response will be hellishly, confirms that there is an advanced pre-planned to exterminate the Ahwazi people at locally, and the assassinations implementation against Ahwazi activists abroad.

ACHR appeals to the international community, especially the British and European Parliament, to intervene to protect the Ahwazi activists abroad from the Iranian intelligence scheme and the Revolutionary Guard militia, which aims to assassinate Ahwazi politicians’ high figures in Europe, United State of America, Western countries and even Arab countries. In which it is a clear message of Iranian regime despicable intention to carry out terrorist assassinations against Ahwazis abroad.

The Iranian security forces are currently carrying out a campaign of mass indiscriminately arrests, involving elites, activists and leaders of public opinion in Ahwaz region. The ACHR warns about arbitrary arrests that are carrying out at the moments as the Iranian security authorities seek to fill their gaps and compensate for their security and intelligence failures and restore their prestige, which fell as a result of the military operation, which targeted the military parade of the Iranian armed forces at Camp 92 Armoured, which was held on Saturday the 22ndof September 2018 on the occasion of the Iran-Iraq War.

The security and ongoing scenario which is expected to be implemented in Ahwaz region is that the Iranian security forces will arrest a large number of activists (more than 300 person been arrested up to written of this report) on charges of involvement in the preparation and management of the Ahwaz operation, and will broadcast confessions, – that is taken by force -, on their news channels, to show their security and intelligence, and its military moves in uncovering and arresting those who threaten the security of the Persian occupation state.

We the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights hold the Iranian regime full responsibility for the safety of the Ahwazi innocent detainees held by the Iranian intelligence services under the direct orders of Hassan Rouhani, who gave his militias the green light to take any illegal action against the Ahwazi people.

Also the ACHR calls on United Nations to take all measures to provide international protection for Ahwazi people and put pressure on Iranian regime to allow human rights and media organizations to visit and monitor all that is happening against the Ahwazi people.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received following videos that shows brutality and barbaric arrests going on against Ahwazi people.

  • Ahwazi arrests by Iranian occupation regime on Tuesday 25 September 2018


  • Number of ahwazi activists arrested aftermaths of Iranian military parade attack


  • Another video from Ahwaz shows heinous crimes against humanity in Ahwaz



Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

25 September 2018

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