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The unknown fate of Ahwazi activists

After recent protests following the drinking water crisis in the city of Mohammareh, the Iranian security authorities launched a campaign of random arrests against a large number of activists in the civil field of Mohammareh city, without stating any clues.

According to the reliable sources within Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that number of arrests in Mohammareh city is more than 160 detainee and in Abadan city more than 40 detainee.

Among those who were arrested were the members of the *Al-Risala * Cultural Foundation in the Al-Salij neighbourhood of Abadan city:

Fouad Baghlani (Abu Zayad) and Mahdi Nawaseri (Abu baniin)

Here are the names of some of the detainees:

1 – Tarek Zuhairi

2 – Yousef Sayahi

3.hussein hassinawi

4 – amin maniat

5 – Mustafa idani

6 – Walid Zuhairi 27years old

7 – Walid Idani 16 years old

8-Hany Shakhy

9-Ghanem Nasseri 45 years old

10-Khaled Hamdi

11 -Abdulrida Asakereh

  1. Jafar idani

13-Foad Baghlani

  1. Mehdi Naseri

15 – Abbas baghlani

16-Hussein Amiri

17 – Aqil Salami

18 – Tamim Baghlani

19-Ridha Naseri

20- Mohammed Bawai

  1. Mahmoud Tamimi

22-Mansour Tamimi

23-Mahdi Soleimani, 17years old

24-Amin Khudair Ahwazi


report by Abdolhossein Abdolkhani

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights



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