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Arrest and unknown fate of Ahwazi women

After the arrest of vast number of Ahwazi women, including the child girl Maeda Shaabani Nejad in 25thof January 2018, once again, the Iranian regime commits an international crime and offense by arresting Zainab Helichi the civilian activist in Al-Ahwaz.

Zainab aged under 15, lives with her parents in al-Majd district in Kut Abdullah, The Ahwazi area, which was separated by the Iranian regime from Ahwaz (the capital city) and joined to the city of Kut Abdullah when it was declared an independent city.

Zainab were chanting heroic poem during Eid Fitr in al-Majd district that led to her arrest on Saturday the 16thof June 2018.

Kut Abdullah is one of the most Revolutionary districts in Al-Ahwaz, which granted many martyrs and prisoners to the freedom of Al-Ahwaz, this is what afraid the Iranian regime and pushed it to try to stifle the revolution voice in Kut Abdullah.

And they arrested a child girl who still didn’t enter to the political arena, she was just a civil activist and away from politics.

To watch Zainab video please click the following YouTube link.

Also another Ahwazi woman named as Mrs Mahnaz Amouri still in Sepidar’s prison.

Mrs Mahnaz Amouri Amouri is 36 years old, married and has a son aged under 8 years old.

She lives in Abadan city, which was arrested on 25 January 2018 by elements of the intelligence system in the city of Abadan, after 15 days of psychological torture in the office of intelligence service in Ahwaz capital and put a financial guarantee about two billion Rials (Iranian), she was transferred to women section of Sepidar prison.

Her judgement file is linked to her niece ” Maeda Shaabani Nejad ” , a teenage girl who was released on bail a few days ago.

Her only sin was to hides her niece (Maeda Shaabani Nejad) for several days which was pursued by the Iranian security forces .

Her arrest and entry into prison resulted in the collapse of her personal life and the destruction of her psychological state.

After that her family prepared the bail and was brought to the Revolutionary Court judge, but the prosecutor objected to her release.

Mrs Mahnaz Amouri is more than five months behind the bars of Sepidar prison and her fate is unknown until now.

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