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The arrests of hundreds and demands of the Ahwazi Centre for intervention to prevent torture and execution

The arrests of hundreds and demands of the Ahwazi Centre for intervention to prevent torture and execution

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


We are witnessing demonstrations in every city of a geographical so-called (Iran). During ten days in a row we have watch uprising to bring down the mullahs regime from power. The country has seen vast operations of random arrests involving thousands of demonstrators in all over Al-Ahwaz (Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan, South Ilam in Iranian map).

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) received lists of 278 names of Ahwazi detainees who were arrested during waves of arrests in the Ahwaz region.

Based on the lists we (ACHR) received on Saturday 6th, 2018, appears that from the 278 people who were arrested in different cities of Al-Ahwaz, there are 207 detainees from the Ahwaz capital, 26 detainees from Izeh city, 17 detainees from Abadan city, 19 detainees from Mohammareh, 7 detainees from the Falahieyh, 1 detainee in Hamidiyeh and another one in Howeyzeh.

Two demonstrators were killed in the city of Izeh and two others were also killed in the city of Masjid Suleiman due to the bloody repression of the Iranian security forces towards peaceful demonstrators.

According to official figures, the number of killed protestors in Iran reached 22 people since the outbreak of demonstrations on Thursday, December 28th, 2017, the Iranian security force arrested more than a thousand citizens where activists quoted to ACHR “The number of dead and detainees are more than the figures announced by the Iranian authorities”.

In an interview with the executive director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, Faisal Maramazi said that the Iranian authorities have arrested a large number of Ahwazi citizens in recent days. He added that we have accurate information about the lack of space in prisons and detention centres in occupied region of Al-Ahwaz, which confirms that the authorities put a large number of Ahwazi detainees in small rooms due to shortage of space.

Mr. Maramazi added, “we have precise information that the Iranian authorities using Karun prison rooms in Ahwaz that were closed in February 2015, due to the arrest of high number of detainees in recent protests”.

Mr. Maramazi called on international institutions concerned with human rights to intervene to prevent massacres against detainees, especially since the Iranian authorities has black history of how many people they have killed under persecution and torture.

According to the latest statistics quoted to ACHR, the arrests are as follows: Mohammareh (Khorramshahr) 135, Falahieyh (Shadegan), 560 people, Hamidiyeh 66, Ahwaz capital 300, Kut Abdullah 28, Tostar (Shushtar) 200, Shoa’ybia 10, Malashiyeh 50, Khafajia 45, Susa (Shosh) 35, Khalafieh (Khalf Abad) 4 students of a school, Izeh 400 people, 40 of them are women. The arrests and detention are still ongoing as I am writing this report. There is no exact news of the arrest from Masjid Suleiman, Dezful and Ma’shour city.

The detainees in Ahwaz capital been divided and transferred to broth Sepidar and Sheyban prisons. Also, all the detainees’ files and records been sent to the Iranian revolutionary courts branch 12 and 18 in Ahwaz.

Some of these arrests have been carried out in the early hours of morning by attacking the detainees’ homes and some carried out in the streets. Some of the detainees who have had a history of imprisonment due to environmental, political and cultural activities that have been carried out after summoning them by Iranian security services and then arrested them. Some of the environmental, political and cultural activists who were previously arrested and did not attend any demonstrations were also arrested.

The ACHR published a report on 7th of January 2018 about the situation of Ahwazi detainees and for reading the report please follow the below link.


The ACHR has received the following lists of detainees’ names all over Al-Ahwaz.


Page 1

Peyman Sawari

Abbas Sawaidy

Mohammad Sudani

Hadi Sayahi

Hajat Shaspoor

Mohammad Shahneshin

Mohammad Shorfeh

Ali Sharghi

Ali Sharifi

Atif Sharifi-fard

Hadi Sharifi-Nasab

Mehdi Shamsurian

Seyed Bahnam Shahabi

Farid Shiny

Mohammad Sarem

Mahmood Salehpoor

Kourosh Salehi

Kahkesh Salehi

Ali Soorboshehri

Milad Saboorboshehri

Ghodrat-allah Sadi

Farid Zarghami

Ali Zameedan

Mohammad Taher-Sayahi

Kianoosh (Siavash) Taheri

Ali Taheri

Ismael Taheri Arpanah

Seyed Mosib Taherian

Mohammad-Reza Tabib-Nejadazizi

Ali Turfi

Gholam-Reza Toganian

Mehdi Zafer-Nejad

Rooh-allah Alypoor

Hamid Aly-Mahmoodi

Saeed Abbasi-asil

Ali Abbasi Zadeh

Karim Abdol-Khani

Mohammad Abdol-allah

Hossein Ebiat

Ayad Ebiati

Hossein Ebidawi

Raad Ebidawi

Ali Ebidawi

Sajad Enaee

Mehdi Enaee

Mohammad Enaee

Alireza Edari-nejad

Behnam Arabanian

Abbas Azawi

Abbas Azizi

Saed Asakereh

Hashem Asakereh

Page 2

Mehdi Gholami

Sohil Zalki-Nejad

Ali Behzadpoor

Reza Bahmani

Mohammad Sadegh Shahneshin

Mohammad Polovand’dar-Zadeh

Sajad Lotfi-Jam Yousefgholi

Mohammad Neysi

Mehdi ZafarNejad

Hamed Baghery-Kahkesh

Ghasem Jabery

Mohammad Bam

Hadi Sayahi

Shayan Mehdipoor

Mohammad ZalehDost

Hassan Delimipoor

Amin Jamshidi

Page 3

Saeed Khosravi saber

Sajad Khelfi

Hamzeh Khodsoz

Mehrdad Davoodi

Ahmad Daghagheleh

Mehdi Daghagheleh

Reza Delefteh

Arman Dahnashi doraghi

Hassan Deilami

Sajad Deilami hamedani

Iman Deilami Nejad

Seyed Mehdi Rahimi

Rasul Rahmani

Ali Rahimi

Hafiz allah Rezai

Nima Rezai

Shokr allah Rezai Raad

Vahid Rezai Solgani

Arvin Ramezani Biani

AliReza Robidi

Ahmad Zerafshan

Ali Zakuy

Sohil ZalkeyNejad

Morteza Zangeneh

Meysam Zehiri

Mohammad Zaleh-Doest

Mosadegh Saroostani

Amir Saadati

Hamid Sadooni

Foad Sadooni

Abdol Karim Saeedawi

Ali Saeedi

Mehran Saeedi

Hadi Saeedi

Hadi Saeedi

Kian Saeedi

Mohammad Salamaat

Shahab Salamaat

Yousef Salami

Hossein Saljughi

Ardeshir Salmani

Ghes Salmani

Sajad Salbity

Amin Solimani

Amin Solimani

Reza Solimani

Ali Solimani

Foad Solimani

Kazem Solimani

Hadi Solimani

Yarallah Solimani

Ahmad Sawari

Page 4

Abdolallah Bouazar

Ahmad Beat Hardan

Pouria Parsa

Mohammad Polond’dar Zadeh

Moslem Pouya

Parsa PearZadeh

Kourosh Taban

Yashar TurkPoor

Farzad Tanha

Hossein Tokan

Javad Thuamary

Saleh Jaberi

Ali Jaberi

Ghasem Jaberi

Yaser Jasemi

Hossein Jani Zadeh

Reza Jamshidi

Amin Jamshidi

Saeed Jolaee

Masib Cheraghi

Naji Jenaee

Yaghoob Hatam Nejad

AmirHossein Hajipoor

Mahmood Hadadi

Amir Hadadi

Hossein Hezbawi

Mohammad Hesami Zadeh

Shahram Hassan Zadeh

Dariosh Hassan vand Sadeghi

Seyed AliReza Hosseini

Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini bar Aftaee

Abdol allah Hasimi

Pouya Hafizi

Mohammad Amin Hagh Nejad

Mostafa Helfee

Heidar Hamdi

AbdolReza Hamdi

Mohammad Hamdi

Kazem Hamdi

Saed Hamoodi

Amir Hamidi

Rostam Hayati

Payam Hidar-Delavar

Javad Haidari

Ali Haidari

Yousef Haidari

Mansour Khodabakhsh

Amin Khadree

Mohammad Mehdi Khoram-nia

Danial Khosravi

Abdol allah Khosravi

Mohsen Khosravi-thani

Page 5

Mahmood Ahmadi

Mostafa Ahmadi

Yazdan Ahmadi

Moslem Ahmadi

Mehdi Ahmadian

Amir Aramoon

Adel Araat

Milad Arzagh Cheshm

Farid Azang

Najaf Asadpoor

AliReza Esfandyar

Iman Esfandyar

Reza Eskandary

Amin Esmaeel-vandi lavaee

Saeed Aghasee

Mohsen Aboghobishi

Mohammad Amin Aboghobishi

Moosa Abofathi

Vahid Almasi

Hossein Alhaee

Sadra Omidi

Firooz Amiri-Sargholi

Abbas Amini

Amer-allah Ansari

Amin Ahee

Yaghoob Al-Naser

Ali Babdost

Hamed Bagheri

Farhad Bawady

Ali Bawi

Farshid Bakhtiary

Daniel Bakhtiary-Nejad

Mostafa Badaghi

Bahnam Badree

Nader Badree

Mehdi Badree-Hajivar

Foad Borwayeh

Mohammad Bem

Mohammad–Mehdi Beadary

Morteza Beadary

Reza Banitamim

Emad Banitamim

Abedin Bahadori

Mojtaba Behbahan-Zadeh

Siroos Behbahani

Hassan Bahrami

Ali Behzadivar

Shikh Rabat Behzadee

Mehrdad Bahmani

Iman Bahmani

Reza Bahmaee

Page 6

Sajad Asakereh

Karim Aghbawi

Shayan Alasuedy

Sajad Gholabee

Behzad Ali-kenari

Mahmood Alikhani

Arash Alizadeh

Ayat allah Alizadeh

Mohammad Alizadeh

Amin Hobidi

Abbas Ayashi

Ali Ayashi

Ahmad Abdyzadeh

Jasem Ghezlawi

Mehdi Gholami

Hassan Adizaheh

Amin Gheiby

Mohammadreza Gheiby-Hajivar

Haidar Ghateri

Alireza Ghahraee-poor

Amir Farjafari

Alireza Farhadi-far

MohammadReza Farhadi-far

Mehdi Farhadi-far

Vahid Feyzee

Saeed Ghanbar-zadeh Mohammadi

AliReza Ghanbari Birgani

Hani Gheylan

Bahram Karavand

Meysam Kabodi

Vahid Kardi

Yaser Karami

Amin Koroshavi

Vahid Karimi

Farhad Kaebani

Mostafa Kolahdoz

Tahmas Kochaki

Reza Koravand

Hassan Korkor

Mehran Korkor

Sajad Korkorsher

Ali Goharam

Sajad Key-Shams

Mohammad Kiani

Yousef Kiani

Reza keyhani

Mohammad-Ali Keyvani

Mohammad Goli-zadeh

Reza Godarzi

Milad Godarzi Moazami

Kamshad Godarzian

Sajad Lotfi-Jam-YousefAli

Page 7

Hossein Noroozi

Aria Nabaparast

Jalil Neysi

Mohammad Neysi

Farzin Herizawi

Amin Vaisi

Milad Younesi


Our sources quoted reports of more arbitrary arrests of Ahwazi young under the age of 18 throughout the occupied region of Al-Ahwaz.

The sources added that on Wednesday, 3rd of January 2018, the Iranian security forces arrested an Ahwazi child named Majed Mojdam son of Hadi, 14 years old from the neighbourhood of Kut Abdullah, located in Ahwaz city, was taken to an unknown location. Until this moment there is no news of whereabouts he is and his fate is still unknown.

Also, there was detainees’ families gathering in front of the Enghlab court in Ahwaz capital on 8th of January 2018 where another Ahwazi child fate is still unknown. The child’s name is Haidar Helichi 13 years old son of Mohammed from Shekareh neighbourhood.

The ACHR welcomes the position of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres, on the publication of a statement in which he deplores the killing of demonstrators and called on the Iranian regime to respect the right of the Iranian people to freedom of opinion and peaceful assembly. The ACHR welcomes the decision of the High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights Organization on Tuesday, 3rd of January 2018, regarding Iran, demands them to prevent violence and respect freedom of opinion.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the suppression of peaceful protestors and the killing of demonstrators throughout Iran and demands the release of the detainees. Iranian regime should respect the legal rights of people to demonstrate peacefully and put an end to the repression and arrest of demonstrators.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Written by Hossein Bouazar, Hadi Seifsadat

Date: 08/01/2018

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