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*We call upon the international community to stand up and support the revolution against the regime of the mullahs*

*We call upon the international community to stand up and support the revolution against the regime of the mullahs*


London Office

1 January 2018


Numerous and continuous demonstrations are taking place in the heart of Tehran, so in the fifth day of this hot event, some are calling for the fall of the Iranian regime, while other Non-Persian  peoples are demanding their independence and their right to self-determination by launching slogans against the corruption of the system and against rising prices.

Large groups of protesters chanted slogans against the regime, independence and the fall of the regime

Official media reports about the deaths of 12 people during these demonstrations.


Local media have posted photos of burnt vehicles accompanied by reports of an intense police presence on the streets.


Unpublished statements were published on social media and urged Iranians to demonstrate again in Tehran and five others cities across the country.


The protests began last Thursday when hundreds of protesters marched through Mashhad City to protest against deteriorating economic conditions, high prices and corruption.


During these protests that lasted for some time, the protesters’ slogans had gone from the economic and social issue of protesting against the deterioration of living conditions to the political issue demanding the resignation of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and the commander of Quds forces the war criminal Qasem Suleimani by tearing up and burning their posters and naming the government of the Iranian regime as a government of thieves.


International Campaign to Support Non-Persian People’s Revolution in Iran Urges International Community, United Nations and Major Countries to Move Quickly to Rescue Iranians and Non-Iranians from Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Plans to Curb Revolution


*Global campaign to advocate the non-Persian people revolution* and includes the following organizations:


1 / Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

2 / Baloch Observatory for Human Rights

3 / The Gulf European Centre for Human Rights

  1. Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society

5 / Organization of the Global Message for Human Rights

6 / World Association of Rights and Freedoms in Europe

7 / Karama Association for Human Rights in Bahrain

8 / Lebanese Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights (LIFE)

9 / Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights

10 / International Network to support the right to self-determination and independence from the Persian occupation

11 / Syrian Observatory for Documentation of War Crimes

12 / The Arabic Gateway to Human Rights Information

13 / The Arab Observatory for Trade Union Rights and Fre


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