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Ongoing arrests in Al-Ahwaz amidst the silence of world media

Following the two consecutive Fridays demonstrations (8th and 15th of December 2017) in Al-Ahwaz, the Iranian security services has carried out widespread raid and arrests in all parts and cities of Al-Ahwaz in order to spread terror and fear in the Ahwazi people and stop the continuation of demonstrations and protests that reached its spark to all the cities of Al-Ahwaz and began to worry the officials in Tehran, where more than one official in the occupation regime has stressed the importance and the need to stop demonstrations.

The Iranian occupation regime is practicing the most heinous crimes in the midst of an Arab and international media blackout.

The elements of the Persian intelligence service, accompanied by security forces and police, raided al-Thawra neighbourhood, arrested an Ahwazi activist named as Karim Sarkhi son of Habib and took him to an unknown location on Wednesday the December 27th 2017.

The prisoner Karim, 34, who lives in Al-Thawra neighbourhood, west of the Ahwaz capital, and is known for his good reputation among Ahwazi people.

Also informed sources from inside the Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that one of the Ahwazi activist named as Sa’ad Eidani son of Shial from the city of “Tester”, located north of Ahwaz capital been arrested by Iranian intelligence service on Wednesday the December 27th 2017.

Informed sources said that Iranian intelligence agents stormed the house of captive Sa’ad and shredded into his personal belongings, confiscated his computer and took him to an unknown location.

In the similar context the Iranian intelligence service has arrested another Ahwazi cultural activist from Ahwaz capital named as Karim Borwayeh (profile picture) on Wednesday the December 27th 2017.

captiveKarim is a reside of Pardis neighbourhood in Ahwaz capital and while he was working in his shop (around 12 noon Ahwaz time), the intelligence service was raided his shop and arrested him and took to unknown location.

As the arrests happened in same day, close source to Mr. captive Karim said to Ahwazi Centre on Thursday the 28th of December that Iranian security service refuses to give any answer to Mr. Karim’s family as the authority is denying of arresting him!!?

There is no news regards all arrested Ahwazi’s whereabouts so far.

The health situation of the Ahwazi prisoner named as Hussain Kaabi, detained in the Masjid Suleiman prison, deteriorated, prompting a request to the prison administration transferred him to the hospital.

According to informed sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre that, captive Kaabi was subjected to all forms of humiliation by the elements of the Persian occupation in prison, and then was placed in solitary cells, without any reason and in violation of the law.

The prisoner Hussein Kaabi was arrested in 2015, along with a number of Ahwazi young of Susa (Shush) city, and spent more than 18 months in the intelligence’s cells in the Ahwaz capital, and then sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment and exile to the Masjid Suleiman city.

According to reliable source informed Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that all Ahwazi detainees that were arrested in last two weeks including Ahwazi poet Mr. Younes Sarkhi, Saleh Tamuli Torfi and Walid Sari were transferred from intelligence cells to Sheyban prison. The source said that the actual number of detainees are near to 300 detainees in which centre has identified 20 names so far.

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