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Iranian officials intentional neglect causes raise of Ahwazi child’s death rate

According to reliable source that supplied the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights with video that shows an Ahwazi child died after sinking in an open sewage in a poor neighbourhood of “Khor Mousa”, southeast of the Ahwaz capital on Friday the December 15 2017.

Source said that the child named as “Amir Hussein” with the age of four years fell in the sewage sinks, which the occupation municipalities’ workers always reveal their cover during the rain, due to the poor service of sewage networks.

The sources said that the local people of the “Khor Mousa” neighbourhood were helping in the saving process of the drowning child, that is in the complete absence of the Iranian competent emergency forces, where the process of rescuing the child lasted for several hours, but it was too late.

The sources said that the child was playing near the sewage sink, which lacks cover and fell in it before his father could catch him.

The sources confirmed that about 6 rooms of sewage in the “Khor Mousa” neighbourhood lacks cover, and the residents have already informed the Iranian occupation’s concerned parties to close them, but that they did not take any action on it.

A three-year-old girl died on June 15 2017 due to her falling in an open sewage in Al-Thaowra district of the Ahwaz capital. Another two-year-old girl died on August 9 2017 in the village of Darkhween, belonging to the town of Al-Falahieyh.

Deliberate neglect of public facilities particularly lacks of common developed sewage system which is an epidemic regarding the underground waste and sewage infrastructure of Ahwazi’ urban and rural residential areas. These have caused living condition unbearable and harder than ever before for Ahwazi Arab population who are paying the ultimate cruel price and being woefully victimized due to the institutionalized discriminatory mechanism of exclusion policies of Iranian occupying regime who sounds had never been contented after carrying out all kind of crimes and violations against Ahwazi Arabs.

According to official reports, dozens of Ahwazi children annually lose their lives due to falling into sinks of sewage, amid deliberate neglect by the Persian occupation authorities.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has published a report earlier in August 2017, documenting the number of Ahwazi children that passed away after been sank in open sewage pit, and in many cases it’s been published by Iranian regime pro media about the disastrous situation that Ahwazi families are encountering in different part of Al-Ahwaz.

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