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Al-Ahwaz uprising against the Persian occupation officials, condemning the looting of the Ahwazi lands

According to reliable source within occupied Al-Ahwaz stated that streets of Ahwaz capital were overcrowded of peaceful march condemning the confiscation of agricultural land in the area of Dachat Al-Abbas in Jalizi village in the southern province of Ilam.

All the spectrums of Ahwazi people participated in the angry demonstration that announced by Ahwazi activists two days ago, to register another national epic in front of the brutal Persian occupation and turned into a popular uprising with the participation of Ahwazi female activists and raised slogans condemning the theft and looting of agricultural land in the Jalizi village and raised other national slogans to expel the occupation from Ahwazi lands.

The demonstration started by 5 pm (Ahwaz time) of Friday the 8th December 2017 from “Althwra” neighbourhood toward “Alaziyzieh” district and despite the existence of military machines for the security and intelligence forces of the Persian occupation, which tried in different ways to differentiate the demonstration, but the determination Ahwazi heroes who came to express their anger and prevented the intervention of the military forces for fear of clashes between citizens and security forces Persian continued to other cities of Al-Ahwaz.

The demonstrators were chanting slogans condemning the brutal crackdown against Ahwazi resident in Jalizi village specially against women who were beaten by Iranian police that led to deteriorate their health and the most disastrous point is event when the resident were in hospital, the Iranian police were raided the hospital and attacked all people who were injured by Iranian police.

In related context, the Iranian security authorities has arrested an Ahwazi activist named as Khadija Saddam Neisi, the wife of Ahwazi activist Qassem Kaabi, a resident of the Netherlands, because of her activity and participation in the protest that were swept Ahwazi streets today in sympathy with Ahwazi farmers that were beaten and their land been looted by Iranian army.

“The Iranian security service raided the home of the activist Khadija Saddam, 35, and took her to an unknown destination,” the sources said. The family of the activist did not know any details of their daughter’s whereabouts.

Qassem Kaabi, the husband of the detainee, said that the bodies that his wife were arrested by members of the Revolutionary Guard’s intelligence service, stressing that his children Zaid, Kassem and Maysa are in a severe state of fear and horror.

The sources pointed out that the security arrested Khadija Saddam after being accused of inciting Ahwazi citizens to demonstrate and chant popular slogans against the Persian occupation regime.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the arbitrary and random crackdown and arrests against Ahwazi peaceful protestors and calls for immediate and unconditioned release of the

of Ahwazi female activist Mrs Khadija Saddam as well as condemnation by United Nations special rapporteur of Iran Mrs Asma Jahangir for the Iranian brutality in dealing with Ahwazi farmers and demonstrators.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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