The municipality’s neglect took life of two children in the occupied Al-Ahwaz

According to the photos received by Ahwazi Centre from reliable sources that the fall of a cliff on residential homes in the marginal area of Ahwaz capital ‘s neighbourhood named as “Manbea Ab”on Sunday morning the 22nd of October 2017, killed two children and injured four others.

According to Dr Shahryar Mirkheshti, director of the Emergency Management Centre, said the casualties and injuries of the mountain falls in the margin area of Ahwaz capital is as follows:

  • Shaghayegh Kazemi with age of four (died)
  • Shadmehr Mansourian with age of six (died)
  • Marziyeh Kazemi with age of five (injured)
  • Mehrshad Masoudiani with age of nine (injured)
  • Zahrah Haidari with age of 25 (injured)
  • Abbas Kazemi with age of 32 (injured)

In the incident, which took place at around 6:45 AM Ahwaz time on Sunday, a giant cliff fell on residential houses built in the Ahwaz capital neighbourhood, causing total destruction of 2 houses and damage to another one.

After the incident, angered people attacked the Ahwaz mayor of area number seven when visiting the damaged houses caused by the cliff landslide calling for the judgement against the mayor for his negligence against poor people that are living without attention.

The Iranian officials said that all the people that are residing in the margin area has to be displace to other part of Ahwaz and the decision comes after two Ahwazi children has been died as result of Iranian inattention.

To watch the movie of angered people please click HERE

Also another video from the incident please click HERE

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