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Ahwazi youth at the risk of execution

In a report to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, the Iranian occupation regime brought together four Ahwazi youth charged them with “participating in an attack on police station No. 22” in the Mujahid neighborhood of Ahwaz capital. Ettela’at arrested them and brought them to intelligence Centre “Ettela’at” after months of torture in Shiban prison in the north of Al-Ahwaz with the aim of executing them soon.

Our sources reported that Iranian regime Sepah (also known as The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC) agents participated in the attack on police station No. 22 so they can blame Ahwazi activists for that attack. Iranian regime is well known to Ahwazi Centre for its propaganda and faking news to arrest or execute Ahwazi Activists.


Ettela’at stormed to Mujahid neighborhood in Ahwaz capital to arrest some of the Ahwazi Arab activists. Hussein Silawi son of Ghazzaw, one of the four wounded prisoners, suffers from eight bullets without any real treatment. He is still not been treated by the Iranian regime, his digestive tract is out of his stomach.

His brother, Ali Silawi son of Ghazzaw, Ali Al-Khasraji, Adnan Hardani, Ali Hardani, the cousin of the prisoner Adnan Hardani, who was killed by Ettela’at when they stormed to Mujahid neighborhood to arrest them.

In March 2017, there was film leaked out on social media showing of three masked men speaking Arabic with Fari dialect raising flag of Ahwaz and calling for freedom of Al-Ahwaz, and soon after the Iranian intelligence service has arrested them and charged them with shooting on police stating number 22, where all the detainees has denied the operation and all its relevance.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

Written by Hossein Bouazar

Date: 22/10/2017


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