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Indiscriminately and arbitrary arrest against Ahwazi people

The Iranian occupation forces has carried out a massive campaign of arrests against Ahwazi people in various neighbourhoods and towns of the Al-Ahwaz in recent days.

Reliable sources told the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that “the Iranian occupation forces stormed a number of houses in a raid in different parts of the Ahwaz capital and Kurdistan city of “Sanadaj” and arrested an Ahwazi youth with charges of some of them possession of individual weapons and equipment.”

The sources pointed out that the Iranian occupation forces have been charged them with “state security” for these detainees and transferred them to unknown places.

Ahwazi local sources said that the intelligence services carried out a raid in the «Qal’at Kanaan» neighbourhood east of the Ahwaz capital, and arrested activist named as Mohammed Hazbawi son of Aziz and taken to an unknown destination on Monday the 9th of October 2017.

The sources said that “the intelligence and national security forces accompanied by forces of the Basij militia broke into the house of the Ahwazi activist, Mohammad Hazbawi, 25, in the Qal’at Kanaan neighbourhood”, noting that the security force hit a security cordon before the raid began.

The source said that the prisoner Mohammed Hazbawi is married and has two children (Inas and Aisha) and was chased by the intelligence services, due to his political and national activity against the occupation policy.

The family of the prisoner Mohammad Hazbawi appealed to human rights organizations to put pressure on the occupation authorities to release their son, in way that the occupation authorities have the full responsibility for their son’s safety.

The Iranian occupation authorities arrested an Ahwazi young named as Jaafar Taei son of Faisal, 23 years old, single from the “Khazaliyah” neighbourhood of Khafajiya city in recent days.

Despite of wide search by the prisoner family but there is no news of prisoner’s whereabouts where The detainee’s family expressed deep concern over the fate of their son.

Mr. Jaafar was summoned by nearby police station and after he enters the police station, he did not get out up to written of the news.

Mr. Jaafar family are confused about the reason for their son’s arrest as he does not have any illegal activities.

In similar context, Ahwazi source confirms that the occupation forces have arrested the Ahwazi author Reza Jabbari (Dilmi) in Iran’s Kurdistan where he was visiting a friend there on Saturday the 7th of October 2017.

According to the source, Mr. Jabbari has no precedent file in Iranian security. He is a 42-year-old peaceful man who is married and has three children. He was arrested and transferred to an unknown location in “Sanadaj” city in silence and without telling his family where his arrest been confirmed by his friend in Iran’s Kurdistan.

An Ahwazi young been arrested after his return from Australia and taken to unknown distention on Monday 25th of August 2017.

Mr. Hamzeh Sawari is an Ahwazi young that return to Ahwaz in recent day, been arrested by Iranian intelligence service.

The ACHR could not identified the reasons that led to return of Mr. Sawari and following up his case as the ACHR has published report about Ahwazi young that return from abroad and sentenced to long term imprisonment.

Mahdi Ma’rabi son of Jabbar, born in 1992, graduated from the Dezful Shahid Rajaee University, arrested in 2015 by the security forced along with 17 young people from Hamidiyeh city, was forbidden from visiting his families that come long way to “Torbat Jam” prison.

The Iranian Revolutionary Court Branch Two headed by Judge Zarei issued a sentences 30 years in exile in Khorramabad prison against Mahdi Ma’rabi and several others Ahwazi youth with charges such as enemy with God and action against national security.

Mahdi Ma’rabi was arrested and kept at the Detention Center of Ahvaz’s Office of intelligence for 18 months in the most severe physical and mental torture. He said that during his torture the Iranian Intelligence service agent had pierced his feet with an electric drill, according to his family.

In connection with this case, that is known as the ‘Hamidiyeh case’, three defendants were executed, namely, Qays Obeidawi and his brother Ahmed Obeidawi and their cousin Sajjad Blawi (Obeidawi).

Mr. Ma’rabi family has visited him only once during the past two years and recently his brother went to meet him but he was forbidden to meet by prison guards.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the arbitrary arrest against the Ahwazi youth by Iranian occupation regime forces, calling on all human rights organisations such as “Human Rights Watch” and “Amnesty International” to put pressure on the occupation authorities to reveal the fate of hundreds of Ahwazi detainees, including opinion activists.

The Executive Director of the Centre, Mr. Faisal Maramazi stresses that the majority of Ahwazi prisoners are been beaten as well as their belongings been confiscated and Iranian forces are humiliating and take prisoners without clothes and left them in the cold weather for long hours, pointing out that all prisoners inside the prisons are subjected to a process of ongoing revenge.

Mr. Maramazi insisted that the occupation authorities have also taken full responsibility for the lives of the Ahwazi detainees in prisons, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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