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Ahwazi Arab suicide after losing his work

According to source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that an Ahwazi young committed suicide at Kuye Enghelab suburb (Kampulo) in Ahwaz capital in recent days.

The source identified the first alphabets of the victim’s details that are Mr. “J”. “Y “who was serving as a courier of an airline at Ahwaz Airport, which was fired 2-3 months ago by the employer, without giving him prior notice of reason of sacking him from job.

Cutting the first and only source of income for the worker, led to deteriorate his mental and physiological behavior causing depression and anxiety and increases family difficulties. Victim could not see his devastating family and life and could not provide the basic necessities, finally committed suicide due to life pressure.

The body was delivered to a legal practitioner a few moments after discovering for further conducting preliminary investigations.

In a different context and in a shocking and upsetting act, an Ahwazi singer was beaten by the security of the Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance in occupied Al-Ahwaz.

Mr. Ali Karooni, an Ahwazi pop singer, said: “On Wednesday, 27th of September 2017, I went to the Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran in Ahwaz capital to pursue a series of demands including the reason for canceling his latest concert, where he was beaten by Mr. Malayeri, the head of the security department of this office.

According to the close friend of Ali, the last was discussing the reasons of cancelling of his concert in Shiban city few weeks ago, in which he was attacked by Mr. Malayeri.

Speaking with close friend, stated that Ahwazi singer going to complaining to the court for the beating that he saw from the security office, but the source said that not always the Iranian court give the rights to Ahwazi citizen according to our experience.

The ACHR has published a report about another Ahwazi singer that was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment by Iranian intelligence service.

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