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Death and arrest of an Ahwazi youth activist

According to human rights sources within Al-Ahwaz, Iranian occupation intelligence forces arrested Abbas Majid Baawi (picture left), one of the Sunni Arab activists in Ahwaz capital in recent days.

According to our source quoted to ACHR that Iranian occupation intelligence forces stormed into Abbas’s house, arrested Abbas, confiscated some of his books and personal funds and took him to an unknown location. There are no details about the reasons for his arrest.

On the other hand, the families of Abdullah Karamallah Ja’ab and Qasim Bait Abdullah are concerned about the fate of their children since their arrest in 2015 so far, they have not been able to communicate with the two youths by telephone. The two young men were sentenced to death on the 31st of August 2017.

These two young men spent nearly 24 months in the detention of the Iranian occupation intelligence Ministry. Even after they were sentenced to death, they were not transferred to public prisons.

Iranian courts have sentenced Abdullah Karamallah Ja’ab and Qasim Bait Abdullah to six others on charges of fighting the regime by calling abroad, membership of organizations opposed to the regime. According to our sources, these two individuals denied the charges in front of the judge.

In a different context, on the 19th of September 2017, an 18-year-old young man named Morteza Sadeghipour (Sawari) from Kuye Abouzar, Al-Ahwaz, committed suicide( picture right). The reason for this suicide is still unclear, but the local police officer ordered the physician to not deliver his deceased body to his family.

Our sources believe the reasons led Morteza to committed suicide was from extreme poverty. In Al-Ahwaz wide spread poverty and high unemployment rate caused lot of Ahwazi youth to suffers from anxiety and mental pressure leading Ahwazi youth to commit suicide.

For more information about suicide in Al-Ahwaz please click HERE

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