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Unknown destiny of two Ahwazi Arab activists sentenced to death in Susa

The families of two Arab activists, who were informed of the death sentence of their sons on 31st of August this year, have no information about their physical and moral condition since the date of their arrest on October 21, 2015. They have not been able to reach them via telephone or visit them until now that led to rise the concerns and fears about their sons.

According to human rights activists within Al-Ahwaz stated that, Ahwazi prisoners including Mr. Abdullah Karamullah Ka’ab and Qassim Beit Abdullah, along with 6 others, were charged by the Iranian Revolutionary Court Branch 1, with “Moharebeh” (Enemy with God) by a way of communication with overseas, membership in anti-regime groups and propaganda against the regime.

According to the reliable report, all Ahwazi prisoners denied the alleged charges in the presence of the judge.

The relatives’ detainees have not yet been able to know their beloved one’s fate and requesting all international human rights organisations to step up for saving their sons that been unfairly sentenced to the charges that were made under severe physical and ethical torture.

Following were sentenced to death by the Iranian court:

1-  Abdullah Karamullah Ka’ab, 33, a resident of the Shawor area, married with three children,

2-  Qassem Beyt Abdullah from the village of Ka’b Beit Allawi

Following were sentenced to long term imprisonments in Masjid Suleyman prison:

3- Ahmed Ka’ab, 30, a poet from Shawor, sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment,

4- Majid Bait Abdullah, 23, a resident of the city of Susa, the village of Ka’b Beit Khalaf al-Muslim, sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment,

5- Hassan Bait Abdullah, 31, son of Habib, a resident of the city of Susa, the village of Ka’ab Beit Allawi, sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment,

Following were released by the bail of two billion Iranian Rials:

6- Hasan Karamullah Ka’ab, 24, son of Abbas, first defendant brother, 3 years’ imprisonment,

7- Issa bait Abdullah, 30, sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment,

8- Majid Bait Abdullah, 24, sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment.

In addition, three Ahwazi Arab prisoners, each of them were sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment, were transferred to Masjid Suleyman Prison on 25th of June 2017.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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