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18 months prison for Ahwazi singer

According to reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that, the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz capital sentenced an Ahwazi singer named as Adel Silawi son of Kadhim to 18 months’ imprisonment for the charge of incitement to state security in recent days.

Adel with age of 25, from the city of Howeyzeh, famous with name of “Fata Al-Arabi” has a number of songs in support to the demands of the Ahwazi Arab people that been summoned by the Howeyzeh’s intelligence department to put pressure on him for the abandonment of singing songs and not mention the suffering of the Ahwazi Arab people.

Ahwazi activists said that the policy of silencing mouths in Al-Ahwaz continues as they have confirmed that the Ahwazi singer expressed his opinion in his latest work named as (silent you fancy) in response to the Iranian rapper Behzad Baks song, who instigated the Persians to slaughter Arabs and expelle them from Al-Ahwaz, but the legal prosecution of the Ahwazi artist came despite the literature of the artistic message carried in that song.

By the continuation of the policy of pursuing Ahwaz activists, Ahwazi singer has spread out voice clip from Sheyban Prison confirming his rejection of Iranian racist policies and his continued support for the legitimate demands of the Ahwazi Arab people. The activists also called on international human rights organizations to monitor and condemning the policies and actions of the Iranian regime towards Ahwazis and other non-Persian peoples.

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