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Rise of Ahwazi children death toll sank in sewage pit

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has published a report earlier in August 2017, documenting the number of Ahwazi children that passed away after been sank in open sewage pit, and in many cases it’s been published by Iranian regime pro media about the disastrous situation that Ahwazi families are encountering in different part of Al-Ahwaz.

According to reliable sources within Al-Ahwaz stated that another Ahwazi kid sank in an open sewage pit on Wednesday the 9th of August 2017.

Despite the wide search of the Ahwazi kid for finding her, were conducted by family, but the soulless body were found in the nearby open sewage pit.

“Elahe Safihi” with age of two from darkhowin city of Falahieyh (Shadegan), were found dead a day after she sank in sewage.

The death of Ahwazi children is rising with a complete ignorance of Iranian authorities, and public health authorities as well as municipality and other responsible Iranian authorities must also be held accountable.

There are lots of evidence related to Ahwazi children suffering from opened sewage, but the Iranian authorities keep just ignoring the sad incident that is circulating around Ahwazi families.

In a shocking report received by ACHR that an Ahwazi infant that was born in Ahwaz capital hospital of Imam Khomeini, been attacked by mole animal of the hospital.

Mole is a small burrowing insectivorous mammal with dark velvety fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes.

Ahwazi infant and his mum where in the hospital after birth section where it been attacked by animals and create wound and injuries to the face of the infant(picture).

Sources within Al-Ahwaz confirmed to ACHR that hospitals are having lack of medical equipment and facilities as well as in all hospital, mousse and rats (mammal) can be seen all around, that can bring danger to the life of new born babies as well as Ahwazi patients who are referring to the hospital.

In the matter regards to the Ahwazi children, ACHR has received a video showing the gross injustice and oppression of Ahwazi student that are studying in a place so called school.

Ahwazi student are studying in container wise school of “Golbahar”, where the place is lookalike everything except school, where for mass number of student, there is no even one single standard health service of play ground while Ahwazis are living on one of the richest land in the world.

By looking at video, it’s clearly obvious that Ahwazi student does not proper school uniforms and they are living in extreme poverty that been systematically implemented by the Iranian regime.

Due to severe impoverishment of Ahwazi student, must of the student are leaving the schools entering the market to find the job that rescue the family.

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Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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