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high number of arrest and unfair court decisions issuance against Ahwazi Arabs

The Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi Arab citizen from the city of Sheyban, north of the Ahwaz capital, on Tuesday, the 1st August 2017.

Reliable source told Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that an Ahwazi young named as Majed Ghaleb Hassan age of 28, married and has a kid been arrest on the 1st August 2017.

Despite of prisoner’s short arrest by the authorities, where the Iranian court has issued court decision of five years’ imprisonment in less than ten days of his arrest.

The Iranian authorities has charged Majed with making “propaganda against the regime” as well as “Converting to Sunni belief”. The prisoner “Majed Ghaleb” was jailed last year and left after a year of imprisonment with a document bail of 3 billion Iranian riyals, equivalent to 80 thousand dollars.

The Iranian regime considers the Sunni advocacy activity is a threat to its national security, especially in the occupied Al-Ahwaz where it contradicts with the international norms and charter of the freedom of religion and expression.

In similar context, the ACHR has understand from its sources within Al-Ahwaz that

the Iranian regime forces have launched a mass raid and arrests against the Ahwazi activists in the city of Khafajia, that is near the Ahwaz capital, and arrested two Ahwazi young named as Mr. Mahdi Sayahi and Mohammed Sayahi and took them to unknown places in early days of August 2017. The sources also confirmed that the detainees were severely beaten and injured during the raid and arrest!

There is no news regards detainees’ whereabouts and the authorities refusing to reveal the fate of detainees up to written of the report.

The cousin of arrested activists, named as Mohammed Sayahi son of Abdolnabi, has been arrested by the Iranian forces, and his fate is unknown. It is worth mentioning that the Iranian repressive authorities continue to carry out raids and chase in the city of Khafajiya to create a state of terror and fear among Ahwazi activists.

Sources revealed to ACHR about the unfair decisions by the Iranian Revolutionary Court against the Ahwazi activist named as Ali Mazraeh, 27, who lives in the “Sha’ab” neighbourhood (Korosh) in the Ahwaz capital.

The sources added that Ali Mazraeh was arrested in April 2015 and was transferred to the Iranian prison’s cells in Ahwaz. Ali was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and after spending two years of his sentence, The Iranian repressive court issued a 10-year prison sentence against Ali Mazraeh, an arbitrary and unfair decision, as well as the high fine of false charges such as working with the intelligence of the State of Saudi Arabia where the prisoner deny all charge made against him.

ACHR sources said that the prisoner Ali Mazraeh suffered from back wounds that were practiced against him by beatings and torture in the Iranian detention centres. The Revolutionary Court still refuses to move him to the hospital for treatment.

The Iranian intelligence service by arresting the Ahwazi activists continuously try to make state of fear among Ahwazis, where the sources quoted to ACHR that two Ahwazi young from “Althoura” neighbourhood been arrest on Wednesday the 9th of August 2017.

Sources has identified the following names that were arrested by Iranian security forces:

  • Eissa Mazraeh with age of 43,
  • Sharif Khajreji with age of 42.

Sources could not identify the reasons that led to the arrest of the detainees by the Iranian authorities.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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