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Ahwazi Land confiscation and intentional burning by Iranian regime’s elements

According reliable source quoted that The Iranian Environment Department in the city of Haweyzah west of Ahwaz capital, has confiscation at least 66 hectares of an Ahwazi citizen ‘s agricultural land of a by a recent Iranian ruling.

“We have been offering these lands’ file to the Iranian authorities from some time ago, which the late has issued a final decision to allow the Environment Department to confiscate the lands and annex them to the state property in these areas,” said Mehrasad Hasanvandi, head of the environment department stated to Iranian media.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has interviewed an Ahwazi former from Haweyzah city and discussed the land confiscation happening in the Ahwazi cities where the farmer said “that the Iranian authorities has made irrigation channels through our land and gave us white paper to sign them to get compensation but after short time we understood that the Iranian revolutionary guards elements has got agricultural bank load (about 2 billion Iranian Rials) and Ahwazi farmers has to pay the loan back.”

“the Iranian revolutionary guards have threatened us to put everyone in prison if the farmers want to demonstrate or to do anything against the Iranian regime and we are expecting more land to be confiscated by the regime due to white paper signed under pressure and fear by Iranian revolutionary guards.” The farmer continued.

The Iranian authorities’ laws allows the confiscation of Ahwazi Arab land by force or without to build settlements and investment companies and energy without providing the simplest compensation for the Ahwazi affected citizens.

In the different context arson attack eliminate dozens of hectares of Karkheh and Qenitra forests in the north of Ahwaz capital and Ahwazi activists affirm the involvement of an Iranian occupation authority’s elements in the fabricated fires that hits Ahwazi agricultural land.

According to Ahwazi activists quoted to the ACHR that the fire broke out in the Karkheh forest and precisely near the village of “Dabbat”, during the 31st of May and 1st of June 2017, which fire blaze destroyed an area of about 150 hectares of Karkheh forest.

The sources added that in spite of Ahwazi citizens’ appeals to the civil defence teams to come to put out the fires, but the authorities failed to perform its duty and did not come to the scene only after late times, that led to destroying of the vast areas of Karkheh forest.

The area of the Karkheh forest that lies within the Susa (Shush Persian name) city made up of 14 thousand hectares, where the Persian occupation authorities has confiscated seven thousand five hundred hectares, in project so called “national” forests.

In another context reliable sources quoted to ACHR that the fires devoured more than 40 hectares of Quneitra forests north of Ahwaz capital on 6th of June 2017.

A fire broke out in the pastures of Al-Aqiliya district in the north of the Ahwaz capital, destroying more than 12 hectares of pasture on June 6 2017, sources said.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received a movie from Ahwazi local activists showing the vast area of Ahwazi agricultural land in “Bab Hani “(Behbahan Persian name) is burnt and local activists’ fingers are pointing to the involvement of the Iranian authorities ‘elements where these methods used by the occupation state to eliminate forests and farmland in Al-Ahwaz in order to seize and confiscate these lands later and finally to change the Arab demographic of Ahwazi region.

To see the movie please click HERE

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