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Ahwazi activist killed by Basij militia in Ma’shour city

An armed group belonging to the Basij militia stormed the house of Saeed al-Bahrani in the town of Koura in the city of Ma’shour south of Ahwaz capital, on Sunday evening, April 2, and killed him in front of his family eye by firing live bullet.

According to Ahwazi human rights activists that quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

(ACHR), members of the Basij militia stormed the home of Ahwaz Saeed al-Bahrani son of Abdul Karim at 11 pm and opened fire with their machine guns, killing Saeed al-Bahrani immediately before fleeing, using a white Peugeot 405 model.

The sources added that the Ahwazi citizen Saeed al-Bahrani, aged 39, a father of three children and considered as well-known activist in the town of Koura despite his physical disability in the legs.

Report by: Hossein Bouazar

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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