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Under the title of “Iran Human Rights Review: where now for human rights in Iran?” the British parliament hosted a seminar that discussed the situation of Iranian human rights violations in House of Commons on Tuesday the 21st of February 2017.

The seminar been chaired by Rt Hon Ann Clywd MP , chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group on Human Rights and the speakers were Dr Ahmed Shaheed, United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Iran and Fabian Hamilton MP, shadow foreign minister and Ms Tahirih Danesh, chief editor of Iran human rights review and Roya Kashefi, head of the human rights.

The seminar has focussed on the themes of the three latest editions of the Foreign Policy Centre’s of Iran Human Rights review that are:

The seminar has taken place in British parliament as Iran looks ahead to a presidential election in May 2017, where even the challenging human rights situation under the Rouhani presidency is at risk of deteriorating further under growing pressure from Iranian hardliners. Also the seminar has explored the current culture of human rights in Iran and attempts by sections of the regime to position personal freedoms as threats to Iran’s security.

This seminar was attended by important and different personalities to talk about the human rights situation in Iran, in which from the Ahwazi point of view Mr. Faisal Maramazi executive director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights and the Secretary General of the Arab Popular Initiative to confront Iranian regime aggression and Mr. Abdul Rahman Ahwazi leader from Patriotic Arab Democratic Movement in Ahwaz.

After the presenters has discussed the human rights situation in Iran, Mr. Faisal Maramazi executive director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has got an opportune to give the speech about the current situation of Iranian human rights violations in Al-Ahwaz.

At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Maramazi discussed the words of one of the presenters that have tried to compare the human rights situation in Iran and Saudi Arabia in terms of not allowing women for driving a car in Saudi Arabia, where he responded by saying that in the past year, and at the time of the Rouhani presidency, Iran executed more than a thousand people that confirms the extent of criminality of the Iranian state.

In the response to Ms kashefi when she asked about role of international community end especially United Kingdom, Mr. Maramazi said that the Iranian criminal regime has replied to UK by burning its embassy by the supervision of the revolutionary guards’ elements. In response to the Iranian genocide that took place on 1988 massacres, Mr. Maramazi added that Iranian mass killing does not stopped at certain periods of times and its continuously perpetrating its crimes against non-Persian nations and lastly and according to Iranian president consultant in terms of women Ms Shahindokht Molavardi where she stated that the Iranian regime has executed all the men of Baluchi village with false drug charges.

Finally, the question that was made by Mr. Maramazi to Dr Ahmed Shaheed about the negligence against non-Persian nations that was made in the report that was submitted by Dr Shaheed in his late official time as special rapporteur.

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