Ahwazi pipe factory workers encounter with double racial racism

Working in very harsh conditions like high temperatures that up to fifty degrees Celsius or often exceeds and the long time work which comes with low and a significant reduction in the wages and salaries they receive, shows that there is no guarantee or real social insurance that was guaranteed by all international conventions.

Ahwazi workers in front of two bitter, either not receiving their dues for months or dismiss from their jobs. The Ahwazi workers has become sticking to their work and working conditions were extremely difficult and do not bring their minimum rights and belongings of the workers. Persian authorities practice all forms of discrimination in employment of Ahwazi workers, especially for women.

While the Ahwazi pipe factory workers not receiving not receiving their paychecks and dues for more than 12 months and when they are protest for demanding their overdue salaries, they are being arrested by Iranian police or dismissed by the companies’ employer.

Ahwazi workers that been fired from their job are as follows:

  • Hassan Moa’awi
  • Sayed Rahim Mosawi
  • Abdolkhalegh por Abyat
  • Adel Sharhani
  • Ahmed Zobeidi
  • Abdolreza Thoaledi.

The Ahwazi workers by coordination with each other has organized peaceful protest demanding their salaries where the companies’ employer dismissed them under pretext of providing worker’ job security.

The companies’ employer has deployed gang’s men to control the situation where criminal men has attacked the protestors physically and one of the workers has injured from chest and official has warned the employer to prevent them from entering the company’s site. However, the workers are still seeing the unidentified guards at the factory.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has an interview with Ahwazi Arab pipe factory that recently applied for asylum in Netherland where he spoke about Ahwazi pipe factories’ workers suffering and miseries.

Mr. Abdol Reza Abu Moghenm was one of the workers that worked for long time in the factory and stated” we are around 80 workers that are working in the company and most of us has experience from 16 to 20 years where about 2 to 3 years, the factory’s employer, delay our payment under the pretext of poor economic conditions.”


“the restriction reached to the factory’s restaurant, where protesting workers were not having right to eat in the restaurant, and factory’s employer by tightening the circumstances is paving the way for Arab workers to leave the work.” Mr. Moghenm added.

“due to our peaceful protest, I have been arrested on 05th of October 2015 and then released on 10th of November 2015, where I have been released on bail, where nine other Ahwazi Arab workers were summoned to “Ghods” judicial complex after complains made by employer. The employer has charged the workers to made disruption in production”.  Mr. Moghenm stated.

In the picture that been taken in peaceful protest, it clearly written that “we (pipe factory workers) did not received our salaries for 12 months, anybody can help us?”

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights



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