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Report: Surge of random arrests and death of an Ahwazi Arab young by the Iranian occupier regime

Since the start of the current year, the Iranian occupier regime has increased its systematic and comprehensiveness anti-Arab policies against defend-less Ahwazi Arab people by large-scale discriminated arrests as well as arbitrary live bullet shooting against Ahwazi youth, where Ahwazi activists sees that the growing national consciousness in Al-Ahwaz became an obsession irks the Iranian’s security and intelligence organs in Al-Ahwaz, prompting them to arrest dozens of Ahwazi citizens at intentionally in an attempt to put pressure on our people and forcing him to bow to its oppressive procedures.

According to the Iranian regime’s leaked secret document on April 2016 emphasizing to dissolving the Ahwazi Arabs’ struggle in the crucible of Iranian regime where the last does not allows any cultural or social activity without the supervision of the Iranian regime. Many Ahwazi Arab youths that are working as volunteer for their own charity institute been arrested without previous warning and Ahwazi farmers been prevented from the forming for last consecutive years under pretext of shortage in water that been diverted to the Iranian central plateau as well as wide-ranging of unemployment that spreads among Ahwazis.

According reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that a large force belonging to the Revolutionary Guards raided the “Khalafiyeh” city located in the southern of Ahwaz capital, on Sunday the 1st of January 2017 and arrested three Ahwazi citizens and took them to an investigation and interrogation Centre in the city of Ramiz east of Ahwaz capital and the ACHR sources has identified the names of those who were arrested and they are as follows:

1-    Daniel Darwishi 20-year-old,

2-    Esmail Sofi 19,

3-    Seyed Own Alboshokeh 22.

In similar context, the intelligence service has arrested Ahwazi young named as Amin Sari son of Mehdi 22-year-old, from “Althoura” district and took him to unknown location.

The detainees’ families lately informed that their sons are in the intelligence service detention and they can’t not contact or see their sons since they were arrested.

Arrests and raids, indiscriminate shooting by the Iranian forces has increased lately, which led to a state of anger permeated throughout Al-Ahwaz to reject arrogance practices perpetrated by the Iranian criminal regime that violate all international norms and laws.

Malashiya neighbourhood west of the capital city of Ahwaz were the other destination of Iranian forces to raid the house of an Ahwazi young named as Shojae Batrani with age of 20 that led to his arrest and took to unknown place on Saturday the 7th of January 2017.

A few days later and in the Malashiya neighbourhood, reliable sources quoted to ACHR that clashes emitted between Ahwazi Arab citizens and Iranian security forces on the evening of Saturday the 14th of January 2017, which led to the injury of an Ahwazi citizen and the arrest of another person.

The clashes stirred after an attempted made by the security forces to arrest Ahwazi activist from Malashiya neighbourhood in barbarous way where the elements of the intelligence service opened fire on Ahwazi citizens, injuring Mr. Mehdi Haidari, aged 16 years, who were transferred to hospitals in a capital city of Ahwaz as well as led to the arrest of the Mr. Hussein Silawi son of Ali, aged 24 years.

Three Ahwazi citizens that are Mr. Issa Nasseri, Mr. Naji Haidari and Mr. Mojahed Zergani that established a charity called “Sawaed Alekha” (brotherhood wings in English)” Foundation concerned to renounce
tribalism and educate Ahwazis to confront tribal conflicts as well as supporting Ahwaz poor people in their educational needs, been arrested by the Iranian intelligence service and took to unknown location on Monday dawn the 16th of January 2017.

Mr. Issa Nasseri, age 43, and has two children, living in “Golestan” neighbourhood in Ahwaz capital, is a journalist and teacher and experts of Arabic language and Literature that been invited and attend different scientific seminars and gave speeches, then he formed Arabic language classes with his valuable effort to support the Ahwazi oppressed students and made important contributions to the Ahwazi Arab’s culture.

Mr. Issa Nasser was arrested several times by the intelligence service prior to current arrest, where he spent several months in intelligence service’s solitary confinement and suffered various kinds of torture.

Mr. Mojahed Zergani, age 36, had a child, a famous poet, a student of Arabic Language and Literature and shopkeeper, is one of the founders of the charity public donations, while living in one the Ahwazi poor villages (“Tasfiyeh” village in north of Ahwaz capital) in such way he has assisted many poor families around the village.

Mr. Naji Haidari a 38-year-old has two children, living in “Koyeh Masha’ali” neighbourhood in east of Ahwaz capital a teacher and translator of Arabic Language and Literature, civil society activists in Ahwaz that despite of his financial difficulties and hardship of life has written numerous and plentiful excellent Arabic articles.

During a raid that were conducted by Iranian intelligence service and led to arrest of Mr. Mojahed Zergani, another Ahwazi citizen has been arrested and took to unknown location.

Mr. Mahdi Zergani with age of 32 from “Tasfiyeh” village in north of Ahwaz capital and so far there is no news from all detainees that been arrested so far.

According to the ACHR reliable sources, the elements of the Iranian intelligence apparatus backed by hundreds of Basij militia and police forces raided dozens of homes in the “Altabough” neighbourhood in Abadan city simultaneously and arrested more than 20 Ahwazi citizen and transferred them to an unknown location on early Monday the 30th of January 2017. The sources added that the Iranian forces raided the houses at random in search of arms.

The ACHR sources has identified following names:

1-    Fadhel Gobeishawi,

2-    Haidar Baledi,

3-    Ali Gobeishawi,

4-    Hossein Gobeishawi.

“Altabough” neighbourhood is one of the rebellious neighbourhoods in the city of Abadan and witness from time to time bloody clashes with the Iranian forces where most recently on the date of December 23, 2016 and caused the martyrdom of an Ahwazi child named Hamed Khanfari at the age of 13 years and the wounding of three other young men. The clashes started after Iranian forces tried to arrest a number of individuals who came from Falahieyh city to offer their condolences on the occasion of the death of a Ahwazi citizen, but the occupation forces began shooting randomly at Ahwazi citizens without prior warning.

According to Ahwazi rights’ sources, a large number of Iranian regime personnel arrested a 17-year-old Ahwazi cultural activist named Ali Kaab Omeir on Wednesday the 8th of February 2017 in his home in Keyan Abbad neighbourhood in Ahwaz capital and brutally beat him in front of his family.

This caused multiple fractures in his left arm leading his mother to suffer a serious stroke that needed her to be hospitalised. Ali is a very prominent social networking Ahwazi, despite him being a very young man, and this is probably the main reason for his arrest.  He participated in protests against the Iranian theft of Karoon water.

During the raid, the regime thugs also confiscated computers, mobile phones and destroyed important house appliances. Afterwards, family members went to the headquarters of the regime intelligence service asked why Ali was arrested and about what had happened to him but they refused to answer them.

In addition, the Iran regime security forces have arrested Amir Zergani, an Ahwazi cultural and environmentalist activist on Monday, February 6 2017 and have also taken him to an unknown location.

Amir was involved in many protests against the water shortages afflicting Ahwazis, which have intensified after the regime dammed the region’s main river, the Karoon, and diverted its waters to Isfahan and other Persian cities, with protesters forming a human chain to protest peacefully against this injustice. Both Ali and Amir had major cultural activities to further the Arab traditions of the region, organising many cultural events such as poetry nights, festivals, and Eid festivities.

The Iranian security forces opened fire at random on Ahwazi citizens going peaceably about their business in Falahieyh city on the evening of Thursday, 9 February 2017.

Reliable reports confirmed one dead and several others wounded. The dead man was identified as Hassan Alboghobesh and the injured included Seyed Ali Moussawi and Seyed Reza Moussawi, aged 31 and 18 years respectively.

The Ahwazi people erupted with anger at the unprovoked brutality of the Iranian regime thugs and, in retaliation for the martyrdom of Hassan Alboghobesh, attacked the security forces and the Revolutionary Guards centres in the city.

report by: Hossein Bouazar.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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