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Iran turns blind eye over serious fish poisoning in Al-Ahwaz

After multiple warnings and for several years of the danger of marine fish, which is the most popular eaten in Al-Ahwaz, fish poisoning Already confirmed last month in the cities of Al-Ahwaz and it was in a great extend.

“Sobour”, “Zobeidi” and “Shorideh” are the most popular Ahwazi fish and usually caught in the northern part of Al-Ahwaz, which is from Ma’ashour and Khor Abodullah to city of aboushehr, which is one of the favorite local foods among Ahwazi Arab people.

According to fish specialists, the Iranian authorities tried to hide fish poisoning in recent years for two reasons that are as follows:

The first is in order not to aware the people of the serious implications and the risks of petrochemicals sediments side effects on the Ahwazi Arab Health in the city of Ma’ashour specifically and the Arabian Gulf generally and also fear of asking questions about the nuclear radiation from the reactor of aboushehr, which several earthquakes hits that area in recent years.

The second reason, is the increasing unemployment rate caused by the incident of poisoned fish by contaminated substance and radioactive radiation activity for those working in the field of hunting and trade in fish, where they are polluted by toxins that are too high and dangerous material such as mercury carried by these fish exceed acceptable levels to a large extent.

But the experts and due to their fear of oppression did not declare their true proportions of toxins in fish where Dr. Amani a member of the scientific committee of the University of Ahwaz (Jondi Shapor) said: “ Some investigations have proved that there is a high percentage of toxic substances found in some fish, including hazardous mercury.”

Dr. Amani added: “After the completion of the investigations it was confirmed that there are more toxicity elements exist in these fish that are exceeding the applicable limit.”

He added that other hazardous materials such as cadmium, and nickel are found in other fish that live on the coast of Ma’ashour city due to chemical spills of these materials from petrochemicals, where most of the Ma’ashour city people stopped eating these fish after toxins substances appeared to them.

It worths to mention that the governmental company called as ” Khuzestan Fisheries” announced that the investigation in this matter is not a part of their responsibility, as the Assistant in the Department of Food and Drug Administration at the University of Ahwaz (Jondi Shapor), Mr. Sharif Makhmalzadeh declared that “ Iranian authorities do not have any foundation to follow the fish safety and looking at the possibilities of toxicity so far.”

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights calls upon the all human rights organizations to follow this grave matter and communicate with international institutions to take serious action against the Iranian authorities, which did not take any action in this regard, where the Ahwazis especially in Ma’ashour city swallow toxins coming from the petrochemical factories daily.

In addition to that the factories that are producing car’s petrol, cause to kill thousands of Ahwazi people each year because of the high proportion of lead and toxic substances involved in that petrol.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights



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