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An Ahwazi Arab young man committed suicide in city of Ma’ashour

The reliable resources from Ma’ashour city informed the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that Adnan Shamani son of Abbas has committed suicide on 10-October-2014.

According to the sources, Adnan was single, 17 years old and living in Takhti Street of Ma’ashour city committed suicide by hanging himself inside a football stadium amid distraught of Ahwazi citizens.

The sources added that no one was able to rescue Adnan Shamani and he has died immediately after this tragic incident.

The phenomenon of unemployment and the difficult living conditions experienced by the Ahwazi Arab people under injustice Iranian authorities and aggressive practices, is the main reason for such bereavement practiced by Ahwazi young people.

In the interview with Mr. Faisal Maramazi, Executive director of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights stated, “there are a large number of giant companies exist in Al-Ahwaz but Ahwazi young people are deprived to work there and all that because of the criminal policy which Iranian authorities works on the basis to prevent Ahwazi youth from work.”

Mr. Maramazi added “The Iranian authorities are working with all means to put pressure on Ahwazi citizens and also depriving Ahwazi young people to exercise their natural life, to create a Hysteria case to make Ahwazi youth isolated from the community.”

Finally he added,The suicide of Ahwazi young Adnan Shamani is a simple example for the many cases faced by the Ahwazi Arab.

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