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Mass arbitrary arrests launched against Ahwazi Arab protestor

Today, Thursday November 27, 14 the Iranian intelligence service has carried out an arbitrary arrest that leads to arrest number of innocent Ahwazi Arab youth in Al-Ahwaz capital.

According to Ahwazi human rights activists from Ahwaz capital who has confirmed the Ahwazi peaceful demonstration, said that hundreds of Ahwazi Arab has gathered on the banks of Karoon River to protest against diverting Karoon River’s water to the Iranian central provinces (Isfahan, Gom, Kerman). However, the Iranian security forces attacked the protestors and dispersed the peaceful assembly by force and arrested a number of participants.

The Ahwazi activists got a few names of the arrested protestors that are as follows:

1)    Abdullah Abyat

2)    Mehdi Beit Sayah

3)    Khaled Mahawi

4)    Naji Abyat

5)    Shahin Kaabi


The sources added that the Iranian intelligence service forces has appeared as undercover not by army clothes where by arresting and beating each protestor, they confiscate protestor’s mobile cell phone and wallet and forwarded them directly to intelligence service detention.

In this Ahwazi Arab demonstration, people were carrying different banners that written “ You took petrol and gas but we wont let you take Karoon River”, “ Dear Ebtekar (Iranian environment ministry) we are not Ethnic policy makers, we are the people”, “ we want Energy minister impeachment by illegally conducting Kohrang water diversion”, “We will save Karoon River”, “ prevent the industrial waste coming to Karoon river” and “we want revival of all Rivers and wetlands and stop the oil companies from oil extraction in wetlands”.

The Iranian authority’s biased and shameful action of diverting water from the Ahwaz’s Karoon River to the Isfahan province has been carried out while the world health organization has repeatedly for the fourth times placed the Ahwaz region on the top of the most polluted region in the world.

Each year, thousands of Ahwazi lose their lives as a result of water diversion, in return the regime by stealing the water from its main course and pumping it to central Persian regions has exacerbated the crisis deliberately in line with fulfilling its inhuman ethnic cleansing policies.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human rights (ACFH) condemns the outrageous and inhumane arrests launched against peaceful Ahwazi Arab protestor, and calls upon all human rights organization especially to United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran Dr. Ahmad Shaheed to put the Iranian human rights violations in equivalence with suspected nuclear program and also to stop Iranian authorities arbitrary arrest and water diversions that systematically carried out in line with Ahwazi ethnic cleansing policy.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

27 November 2014

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