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An Ahwazi Arab family calling for Human rights center’s help to accept their request for asylum in Australia

An Ahwazi Arab family in Australia asked Ahwazi Centre for Human rights (ACFH) for its support, to help them by requesting international Human Right centers to

put pressure on Australia’s refugees Institutions with matter of activating their case, which is worrying them for more than a year and a half without acceptance or rejection.

This family has escaped from the Iranian authority’s severe oppression and brutality in 2013 and endured risk of the road and applied for asylum in the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) of the United Nations in the Australia.

Mr. Najem Alnawaseri and his family who fled to the Australia from Iranian’s torture, confirmed to Ahwazi Center for Human Rights that upon their arrival, they have been took to the refugee camps, where they remained seven months in Christmas island camp, and four months in northern Australia camp call Darwin, and four months in Adelaide camp.

He also emphasized that their file been opened in human rights centers and Amnesty International in the state of Sydney, where his son Majed Alnawaseri aged 15 years old, suffer from severe psychological and physical health issue, but unfortunately so far they did not received any positive result from Australia’s refugee center.

It is worth mentioning that the young man Majed Alnawaseri is a nephew of the martyrs Mahdi Alnawaseri and Abdul Redha Alnawaseri who were executed by the Iranian authorities in Ahwazi Arab Intifada that took place on fifteenth of April 2005.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human rights (ACFH) calls on all Ahwazi activists, International and Ahwazi human rights centers to pay more attention to Ahwazi Arab refugees in the entire world, when they suffer from various difficulties to seek asylum and also their tragic life in world by fleeing from the Iranian authority’s oppression, especially this family, which has become in miserable condition after a year and a half year suspension of its file in Australia.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

24 November 2014

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