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Iran: Arbitrary arrest of Ahwazi Arabs after the vigil on the banks of Karoon

According to Ahwazi resources from Al-Ahwaz capital confirmed that Iranian

intelligence services has carried out an arbitrary arrest that leads to arrest four innocent Ahwazi Arab youth on Friday, 5th September 2014.


Resources added “ the arrest has taken place after Ahwazi Arab peacefully been demonstrated on Thursday, 4 September 2014, against diverting karoon’s river water to the Iran central provinces(Isfahan, Gom, Kerman) and also requested on Gerry Lewis, the United Nations Commissioner and Chairman of the human development programme in Tehran to take action and interfere to stop Karoon diversion which could bring disaster to Ahwazi Arab people.

The captured four Ahwazi Arab names are as follows:

1) Mehdi Mojaddam

2) Torki Albokhanfar

3) Amin Zobeidi

4) Ali Zahiri

The sources added that the arrest of mentioned names has taken place at five o’clock in the morning in Kut Abdullah district and without any legal authorization.

On the Ahwazi Arab demonstration, people were carrying English, Arabic and Persian banners that written “ Not to the policy of drying Karoon River”, “Gerry Lewis, the United Nations Commissioner save Karoon River”, Karoon River belong to Ahwazi Arab people”, “ We will save Karoon River”, where Ahwazi Arab were demanding all Human Rights organizations to step up and save Karoon River.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

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