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Ahwazi Death sentenced prisoners moved to unknown place

According to Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front resources, on 18 March 2014 two Ahwazi Arab who are sentenced to death, has moved to unknown place.

“Ali Chobeyshat “ and “Sayed Yasin Mousawi “ are Ahwazi innocent prisoners who has been arrested on 11 November 2012 by Iranian security services and sentenced to death by Sayed Mohhamd Bagher Mousavi judge of second branch of Iranian revolutionary court.


Resources said detainees were in Ghonaytereh (Dezful) prison, moved in early morning of 18 March 2014 by security services without prior informing their relatives.

The second branch of Iranian revolutionary court in Ahwaz has sent death provision to higher judiciary in Tehran for endorsement where prisoners’ families fear of their sons to be executed at any time.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right has raised its concern about execution of Ali Chobeyshat and Sayed Yasin Mousawi where the Persian occupation authorities previously has executed secretly on June 2012 four youth of Malashiya district in Ahwaz where three of them were brothers and in early December 2013 four prisoners of Fallahiyah city and on 29 January 2014 an Ahwazi Arab poet and teacher from Khalafiyeh city without informing their families.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right calls on all human rights defenders intensely United Nations special rapporteur on Iran Mr Ahmad Shaheed to send urgent appeal to stops Iranian regime inhumane behaviour against Ahwazi Arabs specially and all non-Persian nation particularly.

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