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An Ahwazi Arab arrested in the city of Mollathani

Reliable sources have reported that the Iranian security forces and Intelligence agents have arrested an Ahwazi Arab without prior notice On Wednesday 17-

December 2014.


The sources confirmed that on Wednesday during a raid on a house in the city of Mollathani, 25 Km far from the capital city of Ahwaz, Iranian security forces has arrested Saeed Hamidi.

Saeed Hamidi 35 years old, married and has two children been arrested without any legal reasons.

The sources also said that large numbers of Intelligence agents and security forces have participated in this brutal operation against the detainee Saeed Hamidi.

The security elements have   savagely entered into the house, breaking the entrance -door and seriously damaged the private properties through their arbitrary search where they were allegedly intimidated the Ahwazi women and children of the place.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns Iranian authority law breaking against vulnerable Ahwazi Arabs and calls upon all human rights organization to put pressure on Iranian authorities to free all Ahwazi Arab innocent detainees.



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