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IRAN- Disappearance of Ahwazi Detainees And Their Families Growing Concern

IRAN- Disappearance of Ahwazi Detainees And Their Families Growing Concern

In the days following the execution of four men of Malashieh (south-west of Ahwaz) and during peaceful demonstrations by the people

of this district and neighboring districts to condemn the execution operation of those three brothers namly, Taha and Abbas and Abdul Rahman Haidaraan and their frined Ali Sharifi, a large number of demonstrators, among them were two brothers namly Jassim 25-year and Mohammed 22-year sons of Mulla(shiia religious man) Shaya Haidari of Almlashih. Ahwazi Center For Human Rights received news from a relative of the family of these two brothers that the family did all they can to know the place of their detention, but so far not been able to identify the place of detention and the reason for arrest and the charges against them.e

During this appeal the  Ahwazi Centre For  Human Rights, calls the Human Rights Council, Mr. Ahmed Shahid of the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations and all organizations and centers, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as all other organizations concerned with the rights of detainees and prisoners, to support the family of Mulla Shaya Haidari and their sons and follow up the issue of pressure on the Iranian government to release all detainees and other innocent people who were arrested while exercising their basic human rights by participating in demonstrations and expressing their opinion.e


Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights

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