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Ahwazi’s schools closures due to air pollution exceeds more than 15 times

Hundreds of Ahwazi citizens got acute respiratory illnesses during these days as they entered hospitals

and many of them are in critical condition due to severe environmental pollution caused by the drying of rivers, marshes and arson forest by the Iranian authorities.


According to the reports received by ACHR and various Iranian news agencies, Ahwaz’s schools, at all levels was closed on Tuesday 27-01-2015 due to a severe dust storm and the level of air pollution caused by dust in Ahwaz city was 15 times above standard limit has been reported.

some reports shows that the air pollution has exceeded 70 times above standard limit.

Hashem Baledi, Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) Director of Disaster Management by confirming the severe dust storm in Al-Ahwaz cities such as Abadan, Mohammareh, Khafajiyeh (Susangerd), and Ghonaytereh (dizful) said: “ schools at all three level (primary, secondary and high school) were closed and majority of people has referred to hospitals due to shortness of breath as dust storm hits Al-Ahwaz cities” but Iranian officials (governor) did not declare any statistical figures about acute respiratory patients after recent dust storm in Khuzestan province.

For this reason the respiratory illnesses specialist about dust storm stated that most of the Ahwazi people faced polluted air Inhalation, which causes the penetration of dust particles into the air sacs of the lungs where it causes dysfunction of lung’s oxygen supply performance to the tissues, particularly heart, where it brings irregularity in the heartbeat and heart attacks implications in people with heart disease.

150 micrograms per cubic meter is normal level of air pollution in Ahwaz capital where in yesterday’s (27-01-2015) dust storm the level was two thousand and 335 micrograms per cubic meter, which indicates pollutions reached for more than 15 times of the permitted level.

Approximately 22 thousand in Al-Ahwaz due to illness caused by air pollution goes to hospitals and treatment centres. Meanwhile despite of the promises that given to solve this problem, so far the Rouhani’s government and his environmental organizations have done nothing to resolve the phenomenon that kills huge number of Ahwazis indirectly.


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