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Iranian security Forces arrested poets in Falahiyeh city

The Iranian security forces arrested Ahwazi Arab poets named as Shaker

Alashouri, Abdullah Matroudi, Jihad Asakereh and Moshtagh Hamidi and they were released on financial bail until further notice on February 22, 2015.


According to the trusted source that The last activity of the mentioned poets was, their presence in memorial celebration of Ahwazi great poet Fadil Alskrani last year in the Falahiyeh city, southeast of the capital of Ahwaz.

Also the Iranian revolution court sentenced one-year imprisonment against Shaker Alashouri and Abdullah Matroudi, and Moshtaq Hamidi and Jihad Asakereh remained threatened to prison by Iranian security apparatus against their backdrop of cultural activity.

Ahwazi Poets are subjected to the worst kinds of threats and intimidation, imprisonment, exile and murder by the repressive Iranian authorities where recently Ahwazi poets Satar Sayahi and Hashem Sha’abani were executed against their backdrop of cultural activism.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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