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Iran does not declare Ahwaz’s mortality rates caused by air pollution

By continuing dust storms across the Ahwaz’s region, reducing visibility to less

than 50 meters, incidence of traffic accidents, and thousands of Ahwazi Arab people referred to hospitals due to respiratory illnesses, where local authorities ordered by the Security Council to hide the statistics of Ahwazi deaths and accidents.


According to Ahwazi human right activists; appointed regional Governor which his family lives in Canada, with all impudence states that Iranian state cannot recover Hur Al-Azim wetland, where the government has the economic, national and security project in the wetland.

Abdolhosein Moghtadaei, Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) governor who has very harsh racist approaches against Ahwazis, during recent interview with local media, urged the Iranian authorities to avoid discussion of the sandstorm and also trip to Ahwaz region. He had said that he has the ability to manage a crisis??

Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) has saw Abdolhosein Moghtadaei as governor during Iranian ex-president, Mohammad Khatami’s administration. In that time period, Moghtadaei by initiating weekly newspaper called as “ARVAND”, Launched a wave of anti-Arab instigating.

Moghtadaei is one of the fundamental factors that encouraged Iranian authorities in building excessive dams, Creating sugarcane Development Plan, Ahwazi Arab farmers agricultural land confiscation, Diversion of Ahwazi River’s water to the Iranian’s central provinces and environmental degradation in the Ahwaz region.

Human rights activist reports indicating that Al-Ahwaz region witnesses the disastrous deaths of newborns, children and adults.

The received child’s death certificate confirms the deaths caused by catastrophic air pollution. A victim child named as Amir Mohammad Mansouri with D.O.B of 28-December-2012 was died as result of advanced lung infection in Al-Ahwaz on 15-February-2015.

Al-Ahwaz has been nominated as most polluted city in the world since 2011, and has saw devastating toxic sandstorm from late January until mid February of current year, where thousands of Ahwazi Arabs referred to hospital due to respiratory illness.

The death’s certificate clearly shows the child national card number, which is 1747096067 and the address is Khuzestan-Ahwaz-Alawi district-street number 20 and demonstrating the death comes after lack of breathing.

It worth to mention that the Iranian authorities did not express any comment about number of patient who referred to emergency unit of hospitals, where the statistics of shortness of breathe referrals in Al-Ahwaz remained confidential to local authority.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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