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Ahwazi self-immolated has died in Motahari hospital in Tehran

Younes Asakereh, a 32-year-old street vender and father of two children has died today earlier

morning subsequent to setting himself on fire on March 13,2015 after numerous attacks by the Iranian repressive regime’s security forces who prevented him from earning a living.


According to Ahwazi activist to send Younis Asakreh to Tehran for treatment, the Iranian airline had demands 50 million Rials (about 2000 Dollar) from his family.

Asakreh’s family due to severe economic situation and the inability to pay for the plane were forced to transfer Younis who suffered from 90% burns by ambulance to Tehran. Distance between Ahwaz capital and Tehran is about 900 KM and the Iranian ambulances are not up-to-date to take care of the patient completely where this time and distance has worsen the patient health.

Younis Asakreh family has stated that they have not received any help from anybody and Younis moved to Tehran by car ambulance rather than plane due to the inability of families to pay.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns Iranian authorities in destroying Ahwazi Arab kiosk as they only source of income and calls to all human right defenders and United Nations officials to condemn Iran in 28 session of HRC that is taking place in Geneva as Iranian regime violate all human rights against Ahwazi Arabs.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights



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