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the most recent crimes committed by the Iranian regime against the defenceless Ahwazi Arabs



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In this report we convey the most recent crimes committed by the Iranian regime against the defenceless Ahwazi Arabs (South and Southwest of Iran) and continuous until the moment.

Iranian security authorities committed a heinous crime against the Ahwazi Arabs where they horrifically killed a

young man namely “Nasser Naim Albushokh” who was martyred under the brutal torture on 29 January 2012, in no more than 20 years of age.e

This heinous crime occurred in only four days from the moment of his arrest on 25 January 2012 in a street in the centre of capital Ahwaz.e

The Iranian authorities have added to that another hideous crime of killing another martyr Mohammed Jassim Al-Nasiri under remorseless torture in the city of Susa (aka Shoosh) in 02/02/2012 and buried him in secret and then informed his family without telling them the place of burial.e

IN addition the security forces, and elements of the Revolutionary Guards and Police conducted a wide raid on various cities and villages of Ahwazi (Khuzestan, Bushehar, Hermozkan) and arrested, during that dozens of defenceless people of the Alahwaz such as women (among them a pregnant woman) and men and even children, to complement their inhumane crimes and create consternation and organized terrorism against the Ahwazi Arabs who were and remain very challenging the authority of the Iran and resist its racism and brutal projects of Persinasation and systematic ethnic cleansing and attempts to eliminate the Arab identity of the beloved Ahwaz.e

On this basis, we appeal to all Freedom and human rights defenders in the world and their international organizations sponsoring human rights and especially the Human Rights Council of the UN, as well as Human Rights Watch and also Amnesty International, and Arab Human Rights organizations and centres to act to stop the massacres and to take steps strict rules against the offender and the state of racism in Iran.e

Below are the names of some of Ahwazi detainees who have been arrested since mid Novmbr-2011 until the date of preparation of this report (period of time not exceeding three months).e

Detainees from the city of Ahwaz and its suburbs

e1 – Naji  Shnawa Sawari  arrested on 01/02/2012

e2 – Hassan Falah Sawari arrested on 01/03/2012 (Brother of Ali Falah who was executed in 2009).e

e3 – Ali  Sbahi arrested on 05/01/2012

e4 – Adel Saadi  in accusation of altering  his religion  //   //  07/01/2012

Arrests in Almlashih and Krishan in the outskirts of the city of Ahwaz on 3 February 2012

e5 – Mohammed Naami

e6 – Saadoun Silawi

e7 – Jassim Marwani

e8 – Tawfiq Heydari

e9 – Ali Sharifi

e10 – Tahir Maawieh

e11 – Walid Hammadi

Arrested on charge of changing the religion and holding Ahwazi national flag in their homes in the city of Ahwaz– Kot Abdullah area on 07 to 17/01/2012

e12 – Religious preacher Abdul Wahid Humaid (Abu Majid) -47 years of age and married

e13 – Majid Abed Bowie – 35 years old – Married – suffers from a disability and is unable to walk

e14 – Hamid Hashi Khanfari Betrani – 44 years – Married

e15 – Jamal Nasser Hazbawi- 44 years – Married

e16 – Ghazi Abdul Razagh Handali Farhani – 38 years – Married

e17 – Syed Ahmad Hamid Nezari- 65 years – Married

e18 – Khalaf Zubaydi- 43 years – Married

e19 – Saeed Khazrajy- Married

e20 – Ahmed Afrawi- Married

e21 – Hussein Khazrajy- Married

Arrests Hamidiya City, district of Mostadhafin (vulnerables) 28/01/2012

e22 – Imad (Adnan) Juma Saadi 25 years

e23 – Ayyub Juma Saadi, 23 years old

e24 – Muhammad Adnan Helfi

e25 – Karim Majid fiay Dehaimi, 26

e26 – Jamal Nazzal Abayat

e27 – Jalil Nazzal Abayat

e28 – Ali Haidari

e29 – Hadi Manabi

e30 – Haidar Abidawi

e31 – Abbas Thamer

e32 – Salour Abidawi arrested in 30th January 2012

e33 – Adnan Cheldawi 36 years arrested in the city Hamidiya district of Motahari 30th January 2012

e34 -Adel Cheldawi 24 years old (brother of the detainee Adnan Cheldawi).

e35 – Hassan Manabi 33-year old, Married – Teacher, arrested in 28/11/2011

e36 – Ghalib Mnabi 37 years old – Married – artisted in 28/11/2011

e37 – Sayed Faraj Mousavi – retired from the Revolutionary Guard – Married  and father of 4 boys and 2 girls

e38 – Aidan Shakhi 37 years – Married and father of 4 children – shop owner

e39 – Khalid Abidawi 25 years

e40 – Hassan Abayat

Arrests in the City of Susa (renamed after the Persian occupation – Shoosh)

e41 – Ahmed Kaab Zeghbi 21 years old, father’s name  Haji Rahim, arrested January 12, 2012

e42 – Jaafar Kaabi, arrested from the village of Beit Allawi of the city of Susa in January 12, 2012

e”43 – Ahmad Dabbat arrested on ” Saturday, January 14, 2012 from the city of Susa

e44 – Sajjad Qasim Aufaan Kaabi arrested on Saturday, January 14, 2012 from the city of Susa

e45 – Ashour Dabbat arrested on 17 January 2012 Married and father of children

e46 – Adel  Ashour Dabbat(son of Ashour Dabbat) arrested at the age of 20 years

e47 – Hamid Haji Meknez, 21 years of age,

e48 – Osman Zeghbe

e49 – Jassim Kaabi, with all his family (their names are below)

e50 – Khadija Jassim Kaabi

e51 – Mohammed Jassim Kaabi

e52 – Ahmed Jassim Kaabi

e53 – Sajjad Jassim Kaabi

e54 – Khadija Saddam Kaabi (pregnant)

e55 – Mohammed Jassim Al-Nasiri (Kaabi) died under torture in the second of February and was buried in secret by the security authorities of Iran

e56 – Mehdi Khazrji

e57 – Amir Sorkheh

e58 – Ahmed Dabbat

e59 – Kazim Dabbat

e60 – Jaja Kanani

e61 – Morteza Mousawi

e62 – Faisal Dabbat

e63 – Karim Dair Kaabi

e64 – Adnan Zaghebi

e65 – Muslim Mazravi

e66 – Mehdi Nawaseri

e67 – Hassan Nawaseri

e68 – Ali Kenani

e69 – Ibrahim Haidari


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