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Arrest of more innocents In Ahwaz


30 January 2012

Arrest of more innocent,  And

Suffering of Political prisoners in prisons.

SOURCE: Ahwazi Center for Human Rights


The “Ahwazi Center for Human Rights” (ACFH) calls for an urgent intervention from the international community to put an end to the

continued violations of human rights, including the continued detention of hundreds of political detainees in appalling conditions, in regard

to that we have received confirmed from our sources that they were subject to arrests and torture for exercising their rights to freedom of

expression and assembly. The international community’s silence over the Iranian regime’s continuous crimes is leading the people of

Ahwaz to take desperate measures and risking their own lives.

Parents and family of many activists who have been detained since last April (Ahwazi rage day) have announced the continued suppression, including arbitrary detention, unfair trials, sentencing of innocent people for peacefully demanding their rights, and the continued policy of starving people through unfair dismissal from any chance of fair life and confiscation from basic rights.

There are concerns over the health of the activists who are in Jail facing various type of torture , even those who suffers from disability,

previously suffered a heart attack After enduring severe torture by the authorities within the prison; Hassan Ghazi Haidari 35 years old,

was not able to receive the required medication on time for the illness he had in 2010, there for he was transferred to Razi Hospital in

Ahwaz city from several times and there are fears thet his health condition might be Worsened. “Faleh Mansouri citizen of Netherland and

Rasoul Mazraeh accepted as a refugee to Norway plus Taher Mazraeh”*** accepted as a refugee in Sweden could be the eldest detainees,

being over 65 years old; their families have raised concerns over their health as well. In addition, they still suffer from the effects of

torture, as stated in the report of the Ahwazi Human Rights groups including the “Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights”. It’s not expected that

medical care will be provided to them if needed at the prison, as was made evident in previous cases.

Many prisoners, including those held in infamous Caroon and Sapidar prisons and the Health center17 in the city of Ahwaz, are going

through a same suffering  if not one worse than another. The families of the political prisoners have also complained of lack of adequate

attention by the international organizations of the situation experienced by the Ahwazi prisoners in prisons and detention premises in

various parts of the province.

Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights holds the international community responsible for the consequences on the lives of the activists and

political prisoners joining the peaceful demonstration and assemblies. The Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights calls for immediate urgent

action and makes the following demands:

– The immediate release of all political detainees who have been detained tortured and sentenced in unfair military trials for practicing a basic right and peacefully protesting.

– A stop to the continuing violation of human rights, including the violent suppression of peaceful protests, continued arbitrary detention, and unfair trials and sentencing.

The most previous Ahwazi Arab activists arrested by Iranian authority in southwest of Iran (January 2012arrests).

1 – Adnan Juma  Saedi, 25,

2 – Ayyub  Juma Saedi, 23 years old

3 – Muhammad Adnan Helfi

4 – Karim Majid Fijay Dahimi

5 – Jamal Nazzal Abayat

6 – Jalil Nazzal Abayat

7 – Ali Haidari

8 – Hadi Manabi

9 – Haider Obaidawi

10 –  Abbas Thamer

11- Ashour Dbat (20 years) with his son

12- Hamaid Kaabi (21 years) from the village of Kaab El- Mola

13- Jassim  Kaabi and his children, Khadija, Mohammed and Ahmed & Sajad

14- Ahmed Zaghibi (21 years)

As published on many media stations news agencies including, in the city of Hamidiya Ghalib Mnabi an Ahwazi artist and singer  was arrested and his brother Hassan Mnabi just few weeks before new year.

*** This three Ahwazi Arabs and many more were extradited to Iran by Syrian authorities in 2006

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Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


We propose to present to you new updates regarding number of Ahwazi Arab (South and Southwest of Iran) prisoners who have been

captured and imprisoned during 2011, with no appropriate prosecution neither salient advocacy.

According to our sources, these people had in different cases attempted to refuse the racial discrimination exercised against them by the

Iranian authorities. Their grievances include low life standards, poverty, unemployment and persecution. They protested against the

systematic population transfer taking place in Ahwaz provinces (Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hermozkan). These provinces dominated by Arab

ethnic population and the government’s policies are continuously aiming to change their demography.

These prisoners include:

1- Zuhair Mojaddam

2- Naser Mojaddam

3- Omtaier Mojaddam

4- Ali Mojaddam

5- Mansoor Mojaddam

6- Fajer Sahaghi

All the above list is from one family.

1- Hadi Rashedi (Bin-Mir Hamza) [Habib-Allah’s brother], 37 years old, ethnic rights activist, single, bachelor of science in chemistry, works

as teacher in Sar-Bandar and Khalaf-Abad, arrested in February 2011

Reportedly, due to torture and pressure Hadi’s health deteriorated and the authorities have taken him to hospital several times in May last

year. According to our sources, Hadi’s pelvis was broken during the investigation and he suffers heart issues and digestive difficulties.

2- Rahman Asakerah (Bin-Habib), 33 years old, ethnic rights activist, married with five children, and has a Masters degree in Social Science

and BSc in Chemistry.

Of note, that Rahman’s son, Hamed was killed two months ago by the local authorities. Hamed is 14 years old.

3- Hashem Sha’abani, (Bin Khalaf), 31 years old, ethnic rights activist, married and has one child, Masters in Political Science and Bachelor in Arabic Literature. Arrested in February 2011 from his house in Khalaf-Abad

4- Hassan Manabi, Masters degree from Tehran University in History, Works as teacher in Ahwaz and active in Human Rights,

Hassan had fled to Turkey, in 2009, seeking refuge in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. However, he did not tolerate

the intense living conditions as well as the long delay in his profile in UNHCR, and returned to Iran after awhile, despite the risk he was

expecting in his arrival. The Iranian authorities have arrested him, few days after he arrived. Reportedly, torture and psychological

pressure is being exercised against him in the prison.

5- Mohammad Ali Amoori (Bin-Abdolzahra), arrested in February 2011 in Khalaf-Abad, 34 years old and have Master degree in Fishery

and Agriculture, of note, that Mohammad and two of his fellows, Fares Silawi and Shahid Sha’abani (Amoori) had fled to Iraq in 2010.

However, the Iraqi authority had arrested them and heavily tortured, Reportedly, Fares died in the prison in Iraq. Despite international

enquiries, including Amnesty International call   on the Iraqis government, Mohammad Amoori and Shahid Sha’abani were extradited to

Iran, early 2011.

This wave of arrest in Khalaf-Abad started eight days after the arrival of the prisoners from Iraq. We highly believe these arrests are connected to that event.

6- Jaber Alboshkeh, 27 years old, married and have one child, arrested in March 2011 in Khalaf-Abad.

Jaber has faced intensive torture and pressure and reports state that his weight has considerably dropped.

7- Mokhtar Alboshokeh (Jaber’s Brother), 25 years old, was serving his conscription, arrested same day as his brother, Jaber, and reports state that he suffers mental issues due to torture and pressure.

Added to the above list, some others have been released on heavy bails. These are:

8-  Seyed Baqer Alboshokeh, 41 years old, works as a coach in Ahwaz provincial boxin team, arrested in March 2011 and has been released after three months on bail.

9-  Shahid Sha’abani (Amoori), Hashem Sha’abani’s uncle (listed above), Ahwazi poet, 42 years old, married and have three children,  arrested in February 2011 and has been released four months later on bail.

10- . Aqil Aqili, 30 years old, Bachelor of Computer Science, arrested in February 2011 and released two months later on bail.

11-  Ali Badri, 30 years old, ethnic rights activist, married and has one child. Ali has an accounting degree and works in the Awqaf

Organization in Ahwaz. He is an ethnic rights activist and an active blogger on the internet with a focus on Ahwazis ethnic rights. The

authorities released him recently after receiving a heavy bail but Awqaf has sacked him from his job due to his activism.

12-  Habib-Allah Rashedi (Bin-Mir Hamza), 42 years old, human rights activist, married with 3 children, works as engineer in Bandar-

Emam Khomeini Petrochemical Company in Mahshahr. He was the head of the city council in Khalaf-Abad in some stages.

We also raise concerns regarding two of these prisoners, who had recently been shown in Press TV. Reportedly, the Iranian authority, had

forced them to sign confession sheets under torture and pressure and fraudulently testify in fabricated interviews broadcasted via Press TV.

These are:

13-  Hadi Rashedi,

14-  Hashem Sha’abani

This council call on the international community to respond to this appeal by pressurizing Iran to immediately release these innocent

people. We call upon the United Nation and other interest groups and entities, to raise this issue with relevant polities and help

internationally condemn the persecution exercised against Ahwazi people by Iranian authorities.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on the details stated above.

Ali Saedi (Ahwazi Centre for Human Right)

For more Information

Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights


A copy of this Alert letter will be sent to

1- Mr. Ahmad Shahid, the Special Rapporteur of UN to Iran

2- Human Rights Watch, New York

350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor

New York, NY 10118-3299 USA


3- Amnesty international, London

4- EU Human Right Commission, Brussels


6- Arab Commission for Human Rights- ACHR, Paris

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