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Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights calls the free world to stand by Ahwazi Arabs’ struggle for more human right in Iran.

The Iranian authorities have committed a new crime on Sunday, 4th September 2011 at 11 AM in the morning by launching a brutal execution of six Ahwazi citizens in Karoon prison in Ahwaz. Three of them were arrested on the morning of Eid day on 30th August 2011, six days before execution.

The Iranian authorities perpetrate the crime against this citizens whose only sin was prayers for Eid al-Fitr, and ended Ramadan with the Arab countries, which announced on Tuesday the first day of Eid Al-Fitr.  Again this is another heinous crime added to the crimes of the Iranian authorities.

Witnesses who know the victims personally announced to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Right that the charges were fabricated by the authorities to increase the problems among the tribes of Ahwazis.e

The Ahwazi Centre For Human Right, in condemning this brutal crime in the strongest terms, calls for the international community and the Human Rights Council, and UN Special Rapporteur Mr. Ahmed Shahid as well as the Amnesty International and Human Right Watch for the development of human rights in the what so-called geography of Iran, to condemn this malicious crime and stand by the struggle of the unarmed peaceful Arab people  of Al Ahwaz, whom took way to reach their  humanitarian and national objectives, especially the right to self-determination. Also confirms that the execution of Ahwazi Arabs and detaining citizens and the expulsion of thousands of Ahwazis will not stop the march of their peaceful struggle, but will increase them determination and will and constant their readiness to sacrifice for freedom and independence and life with dignity.

The names of three out of six Ahwazi citizens who have been executed

Date of arrest 30 / August 2011

Date of execution as stated in the Iranian newspapers published in Al-Ahwaz on Sunday 04th September 2011.

1 – Mohamed Jabr Hoizawi: 21 years

2 – Masood Jassim Chasebi: 28 years

3 – Kazem Ahmed Torfi 24-year-old

Link of the news from different references in Farsi




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