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Ahwazi Arab’s arrest intensifies in April

Iranian security forces raided houses in the Al-Thoura district, in the capital city of Ahwaz, in the early hours of Wednesday morning the eighth of April 2015.


According to reports from Ahwazi activists received by Ahwazi Centre for Human Right (ACHR), Iranian security forces launched a wide arbitrary raids in the Al-Thoura district without previous warning where many of the residents of the Al-Thoura district been arrest and ACHR have received the following names:



1)   Mustafa Haidari

2)   Bassem Batrani

3)   Mahmoud Sari

4)   Riadth Fares

5)   A. Hashem

Also according to trusted sources that quoted to ACHR about the mass arrests and raids carried out by the Iranian intelligence apparatus together with a large force of the Revolutionary Guards, on Monday, April 6, 2015 in the Malashiya district in the capital city of Ahwaz. Persian intelligence service has arrested a number of Ahwazis and transferred to unknown locations.

The sources has identified the following names:

1)   Mohammad Afrawi age 24

2)   Majed Soudani Age 24

In similar context, human rights activist in Al-Ahwaz reported that, the security forces attacked the city of Hamidieh for two days in row and they arrested 6 Ahwazi Arabs.

The name of the Ahwazi detainees that were arrested on Sunday 05-April-2015 is as the follows:

1-    Hatem Obeyat son of Iglaw, brother of a detainee Hassan Iglaw Obeyat

2-    Muslem Khasragi

3-    Ahmed Muramazy son of Nasser

4-    Salem Atshany son of Kazem

The names of Ahwazis’ that were arrested on Friday 03- April-2015 are as the follow:

1-Hadi Marwani son of Kareem

2- Malek Shakhi son of Ali

So far, there is no information available about the fate and the well-being of the detainees who were taken to unknown locations by the police and the intelligence agents.

In recent days massive wave of demonstrations have been witnessed in Al-Ahwaz in support of the Saudi led collation, Decisive Storm’ operation on Yemen and of the Syrian Revolution, with hundreds of Arab residents in Al-Ahwaz demonstrating on Friday in support of the Decisive Storm operation.

The demonstrators rallied in various neighbourhoods while chanting anti-regime slogans in support of the Saudi led military operation in Yemen to oust Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from the capital.

Iranian intelligence forces arrested an Ahwazi national poet named as Ahmed Sabhan Alhazbawi (Abu Muntasir) after storming his house in the Ghal’a district of the of Kut Abdullah neighbourhoods on Wednesday evening, of the 8 of April 2015.

The sources pointed that the arrest came against Mr. Alhazbawi in the backdrop of national poems organized by the poet in the support of the Decisive Storm launched by Arab states led by Saudi Arabia against the Iranian-backed Houthis.

Mr. Alhazbawi who is in the thirties of his age, married and has son, reported that the security forces arrested him at his home and took him to an unknown location.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the arbitrary arrest and demands the release of detainees unconditionally.

ACHR also urges the international community to put pressure on the Iranian authorities to release all the detainees and allow the Ahwazi Arab people to express their freedom of speech to reject the repressive policies, which included all forms of racism and discrimination or marginalization and deprivation against Ahwazi Arab identity.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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