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Letter from South Turkmenistan Centre to Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

To: Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hon. John Baird


Population of Iran is over 80 millions, there are South Turkmens (Turkmen-Sahra) over 5 million, South Azerbaijani Turks more than 25 million, Qashgai Turks 2-3 million, Khorasan Turks 5-7 million, Ahwazi Arabs are 7-8 million, Baluches 3-4 million, Kurds 6-7 million and Persians more than 20 million. It is noteworthy to mention that non – Persian nations are considered more than % 70 ( over 50 million) of all population of Iran.



Iranian Islamic regime since its demonic appearance is the Judge, Jury and executioner of its people through the abusive use of its local and central power against all kind of modern and democratic movements in Iran; and internationally well known for its poor treatment of five (5) major non -Persian  nations of South Turkmens (Turkmen -Sahra), South Azerbaijani Turks, Ahwazi Arabs, Baluches, and Kurds.  This regime also is responsible for the drying out the lake Urumia in South Azerbaijan which will lead to the destruction of the lives of more than fifteen (15) million Azerbaijani people living around the Lake; dehydration of Karun River that would eradicate the only source of drinking water for the more than 7-8 million of Arab people in Ahwazi land. And this will bring ecological disaster for the greater region of the Middle East soon. Iranian regime also has been subjected to several round of United Nations Security Council’s sanctions. And there are many progressive international calls for the escalation of the sanctions against Iran’s terrorist and extremist policy over the nuclear energy program.


The European Parliament recent resolution passed on Thursday, April 3, 2014, strongly stated that the “Human Rights” must be the front and center in Europe-Iran relations. It condemned restrictions on almost every social activity in Iran, including “freedom of information, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, academic freedom, freedom of education and freedom of movement.” It also expressed grave concern over the human rights situation in Iran and the “continued, systemic violation of fundamental rights” in the country, and called on the members of the EU to “mainstream human rights in all of its relations with Iran.” The resolution also drew particular attention to Iran’s lack of cooperation with UN human rights bodies, including the denial of a visa to the “UN Special Rapporteur”on Iran, and called for “the release of all imprisoned human rights defenders, political prisoners, trade unionists, labor activists, and those detained after the 2009 Presidential elections.” It expressed “grave concern” over the widespread allegations of torture and unfair trials, and “alarm over the high number of executions in 2013 and 2014, including those of non -Persian minorities.” It noted that most of the 2013 executions were carried out after the election of Hasan Rohani to the presidency.


National Unity Front of South Turkmenistan (Turkmen -Sahra, Iran) based on its three decades of collaborative, inclusive and constant struggle and  experience for democracy in South Turkmenistan strongly believes in complete disintegration of Iranian chavunistic, reactionary and anti-human regime as the only source and solution for the achievement of freedom, democracy and basic human rights for more than 50 million non-Persian minorities in Iran and the foundation of sustainable peace in the region. South Turkmens were the only nation among non-Persian nations of Iran who said: “No” to the Choice of Islamic Republic in their referendum and voted against. However, we were able to build an autonomous democratic state that lasted for more than a year through the defeat of  the first military attack of regime to city Gonbad -Kavus of South Turkmenistan in spring of 1979, relatively only 2 months after the Iranian revolution.


It is knowledgeably discussed analyzed by Mr. Emanuele Ottolenghi, a senior fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracy (FDD), in the article: “Iran and the Myth of Pro-regime Backlash” (posted in Wall Street Journal of December 22, 2011) in reviewing the experience of Serbians after 78-Day NATO bombing campaign that afterwards of 18 months were enabled the Serbs to topple the S. Milosevic and gain democracy. Iran also needs “second look” about! And today it can be considered as a direct and indirect support of non-Persian minorities and their true political and human rights organizations against reactionary Iranian regime of Khamenei -Romanian. We hope that that Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs can recommend the above mentioned view and understanding to its US partners.

Mr. Ottolenghi noted: “This brings us back to Iran. Imagine the day after a U.S. attack, when the entire country’s military capability has been irrepairably downgraded, its naval and air force bases have been turned to rubble, and the ideologically motivated Revolutionary Guards have been decimated and their tools of domestic oppression severely damaged. Will Iranians look at the weakened regime that so many of them hate and give it another chance, just because they may hate America more than they did before an attack? What about the non-Persian minorities who account for nearly half of the country’s population? Iran’s Kurds never fully laid down their arms. There is an ongoing insurgency against the regime in Baluchistan and mounting unrest in Iranian Azerbaijan. Will these minorities wrap themselves up in the flag of the Islamic Republic?  It is not inconceivable. But it is just as likely that it will go the opposite way. American policy makers should factor in the possibility that a U.S. attack will actually accelerate regime change, not hinder it. And given that it would come on the heels of the destruction of Iran’s nuclear military program—an undeniable strategic gain -the Obama administration and its allies should have a second look.”


As the organization member of Front of Nations for Self -Determination -Iran (FNFS), we strongly condemn the implementation of the acts of terror by Iran, and also its reactionary, invasive, and expansion policy against neighboring countries. FNFSD aims and believes to enhance friendship, and peaceful coexistence among nations especially with Arab Gulf countries, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and also Afghanistan and Pakistan, based on international laws and regulations.

FNFSD accepts and respects UN resolutions, Universal declaration of Human Rights, other institutions of international law and work to arrange and manage a close ties and mutual respectful and beneficial corporation with world democratic countries parliaments such as US, UK, Canada, French,  EU countries and strongly condemns reactionary and invasive policies of racist regime of Iran for obtaining nuclear weapon to supress and destroy freedom and democracy not only in the region of Middle East, but world-wide. FNFSD strongly believes that reactionary and terrorist regime of Iran must be stopped from obtaining atomic weapon, and is ready to corporate with international community towards complete deprivation of Iranian regime of nuclear weapon and assist to cease its existence.


In our letter called “Canada Thanks!” to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. John Baird, in September 2012, we wrote: “Indeed, People of Non-Persian Nations of Iran that include South Turkmens, South Azerbaijani Turks, Ahwazi Arabs, Baluches and Kurds are bearing unbearable physical and psychological torture, horrible abuse of human rights norms, ethnic-cultural, religious and  socioeconomic genocide; and execution of women, children and elders without trial,  by using ancient theocratic ways and tools by demonic regime of Iran for more than 30 years.” and we clearly stated that: “We, the members of Front of Nations for self Determination -Iran (FNFSD) are pleased with the right decision and thoroughly fair response of Canadian government for suspending diplomatic relations with terrorist and racist regime of Iran.”


We want to bring your attention to Iranian regime’s severely abusive and unfair treatment of ethnic Turkmen people in Turkmen -Sahra.  Since the unjust, suppressing, and reactionary deeds of the Iranian Islamic: Iran only for Shea followers of Khamenei); we ask you to voice condemnation against all kinds of genocidal acts implemented by this regime towards ethnic Turkmen people and all other non-Persian minorities in Iran. And we ask for your support for the struggle of Turkmen people for freedom, democracy and basic human rights. We hope that you can provide us an opportunity for a hearing in Canadian parliament in Ottawa, to assist us in exposing Iranian Shea -Islamic regime’s chauvinistic, manipulative and medieval deeds and inhuman understanding about the socioeconomic, ethnic ,cultural and religious lives of %70 (more than 50 million) minorities of five non-Persian nations  of South Turkmenistan, South Azerbaijan, Ahwazi Arabs, Baluches and Kurds.



Spokesman: Adulgafur Setash

South Turkmenistan ( Turkmenb-Sahra, Iran) National Unity Front.

South Turkmenistan Human Rights Centre (Turkmen-Sahra, Iran) in Canada.

Contact phones:

1- 647-854 -9824 / 1- 647-827-5785

E-mails: [email protected] / [email protected]

Website: www.fnfsd.org

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