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Ahmed Sabhan Al-Ahwazi and his unknown fate

Poetry and Poets has prominent role in Al-Ahwaz where Ahwazi poets could transfer their suffering to the world, as well as they were able through poetry send many messages to the people of Al-Ahwaz in particular and the Arab nation in general.

Iranian authorities have fought for years Ahwazi poets, and in the midst of this conflict, many of the Ahwazi poets killed in suspect ways such as Sattar Abo Sorour Sayahi poisoned in November 2012, Hashem Sha’abani Nejad (Amouri) been executed in 31 of January 2014 and Reyad Hamed Al Nasseri (Reyad Nasseri) after eight year in detention was executed on 15 April 2015 in Ahwaz Karoon notorious prison.

There are also a large number of Ahwazi poets languishing in dark Iranian prisons, like Hamid Abo Amjad Al-Haidari and Ali Abo Shorough Altorfi that from time to time being arrested and then released by bail with expensive lease, the Iranian authorities thinking they can in this way to silence or stifle the sound of Ahwazi poets.

Every time Ahwazi declare their explicit stances with Arab issues without hesitation and last of these stances is what happened in the Decisive Storm led by King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and hit the Iranian-back Houthis in Yemen.

Since the beginning time of Decisive Storm operations, Ahwazi blessed this outspoken step of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab nation and the most prominent of these positions came from Ahwazi young poet Ahmed Sabhan where he said in his poetry praising King Salman and Decisive Storm operations:

The poem says: “Greeting from beloved Ahwazi to king Salman, Who United the grandsons of Arabs in the Decisive Storm of Cousins. The fighter gets of glory appeared over the Houthis of Darkness”.


About the life of captive poet Ahmed Sabhan who became famous of the Decisive Storm poet in occupied Al-Ahwaz:


Ahmad Sabhan Al-Hazbawi born in 1363 (Iranian calendar), which is 1984 in Om Alsakhar village of the Falahiyeh city, Then he moved with his family to Ghaleah Canaan neighbourhood of Cote Abdullah town that is located in east of the Ahwaz capital.

His father Mr. Sabhan and his mother, Mrs Saleha, he has five brothers and two sisters and he is married and has a child named as Montaser at age of six.

In order to provide his life expense, Ahmad Sabhan have a perfume shop located in in Kut Abdullah town near Ahwaz.

Mr. Mohammed Abu-Jamal Al-Ahwazi, (captive poet’s relative) who was speaking to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights said the poet Ahmed Sabhan Abu Muntasir loved poetry since childhood and has a lot of beautiful poems.

Ahmad Sabhan had good and high spirit and everyone loves and respects him and his arrest cause great discomfort among the poets and the people of Al-Ahwaz, where a number of Ahwazi poets read poems for Abu Muntasir to support his honourable stances, Mohammed added.

The arrest took place on 08 of April 2015 and in unknown place, after the poet and cheerfulness crowd, appeared in a video on 27 March 2015expressing support for the Decisive Storm’s operation and the King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Following Ahmad’s arrest, his wife been arrested without prior notice for two hours and after being questioned if Ahmad has weapon at home?

She strongly denied owning any weapon at home where she is released from intelligence detention.

After vigorous follow from Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights was confirmed that the Iranian authorities until the moment of writing this report did not give any information about the captive poet Ahmed Sabhan’s status, which create horror and fear in his family and relatives.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights Call through its executive director, Mr. Faisal Abu Khalid Al-Ahwazi on all international community and human rights centres, as well as Saudi Arabia and its king, King Salman to track the status of the Ahwazi poet Ahmed Sabhan under such a brutal torture at the hands of Iran’s repressive authorities.

Mr. Faisal added that he sent several letters to international institutions and the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed urged them to follow Ahmed Sabhan situations to ask the Iranian authorities to release him.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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