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The continuation of arbitrary arrests and severe beatings of Ahwazis by the Iranian security forces

The Iranian security forces has intensified its aggression against Ahwazi Arab people in recent weeks under false pretexts,

where they arrested a large number of poets and activists and writers and placed them behind the iron bars in prisons and intelligence basements and were subjected to the most heinous methods of torture, suffering and deprived from the most basic rights such as a affirmation of their and where they are located and their families assurance of the charges against them and their lack of a lawyer to defend them in different places of intelligence service and court.


Iranian security forces has arrested an Ahwazi Arab famous poets named as Aziz Mohsen Al-Kenani and took him to unknown place on 29 of April 2015.

The reliable source added that arrest comes after Mr. Aziz’s support to Saudi-led collations against Iranian-backed Houthis.

The source said that within a few weeks of arresting Mr. Ahmad Al-hazbawi, the authorities arrested Mr. Aziz where it indicates that the authorities is going to arrest all people that appeared in the video that widely spread out in the middle east media in regard to Ahwazi support to Saudi Decisive Storm.

Source within Ahwaz capital, who refused to be named, quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian security forces launched wide range of house raid in Alzouyeh neighbourhood in capital of Al-Ahwaz in the past two days and arrested three Ahwazi people and took them to an unknown location.

The source could identified following names:

1-    Ali Kazem Alshatar born on 1987,

2-    Abdulhadi Hussein Mazreah born on 1982, Married and has two children and his wife is pregnant,

3-    Hashem Hussein Mazreah born on 1977, Married and has son and is the older brother of Abdulhadi.

The Iranian authorities did not give any answer to the detainees’ families, which rises concerns about their safety and healthy and also increases the moral pressure among detainees’ families.

At the same time, Masoud Al-Kenani, an Ahwazi human right and environment activist have been subjected to severe beatings by the Iranian security forces, while he was preparing report about the wall that Iranian authorities has constructed in Borwall area that is adjacent to Ahwazi airport on the first of may 2015.

“ Two people on a motorcycle in Borwall area attacked me when I was preparing a report on the Borwall area for a local newspaper. ” Al-Kenani added into his Facebook account.

Mr. Al-Kenani said “ My wife and my daughter were with me during the incident, where my daughter lost her ability to speak for a few minutes, but they are still in shock. ”

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right condemns the Iranian authorities repression and oppressions against Ahwazi cultural and human right activist and calls upon all human rights associations and Untied Nations special rapporteur Mr. Ahmad Shaheed to put pressure on Iran to release all Ahwazi Arab detainees.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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