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Ahwazi historical Palaces’ negligence by Iranian authorities

Iranian authorities working on the negligence of the historical monuments in the Al-Ahwaz, which all dating back to the Arab Emirates, which was formed on the territory of Al-Ahwaz.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Right (ACHR) received photos of King Sayed Ali Almhasha’ai Palace, located in the Testar (Shushtar) north of the Ahwaz capital.


Ahwazi reliable sources confirmed to ACHR that the Iranian authorities have deliberately neglected this historic sights where its date back to an important era of the history of Al-Ahwaz.

“If this palace remained as it is and without protection to revive again, palace will be destroyed that could be great loss for Ahwazi history”, source added.

The Musha‘sha’iyyah were founded and led by Muhammad ibn Falah on 1436. From the middle of the 15th century to the 19th century, they came to dominate on Al-Ahwaz (Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan) and some part of existence Iraq.

The Iranian officials dismissed the historical Arabic sites out of the list of historical places on purpose, to pave the way to ruin them, and to deprive the future generation of Ahwazi to see their genuine cultural heritage.

The Iranian authority has intentionally destroyed historical sites and Khaza’al palaces in Mohammareh (Khoramshar) and the capital city of Ahwaz by bulldozers. This fact clearly proves that in order for the Iranian authority to fulfil its ethnic cleansing policy against Ahwaz Arabs, it has systematically focused on destructing cultural and historical monuments.

In 2012, the Iranian official’s bulldozers as they were escorted by security forces have vandalized a palace belonged to Sheikh Khaza’al located in Al-Kut district of Hamidieh city without giving any reason to the local people.

On September 2014, a giant statue of Da’bel Alkhozai, the Arab poet in the Abbasid era, was split into two parts after being pulled down by the municipal officials from the poet shrine in Susa city. The statue of the poet was designed and sculpted twenty years ago by the efforts of Ahwazi intellectuals in Susa city and has been removed for unknown reasons.

The Iranian forces systematically target, bulldozed, and demolished one of the most important Arabic historical monuments known by the name of “Sarai Ajam” in Ahwaz capital. By destroying the historical monument, their aim is to eradicate the historical heritage of Ahwazi Arab people. Sarai Ajam is a historical building, which in 2003 was declared a historical and protected site and registered with number 10875 in national heritage foundation.

Historic buildings are irreplaceable community assets and once they are gone, they are gone forever. The authoritative of Iran systematically target the historical sites in Ahwaz that is meant ethnic cleansing of Ahwazi identity and eradicating the Proof of existence of the ethnic group of Arabs.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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