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Ahwaz Center for Human Rights strongly condemns any Iranian criminal offense against Ahwazi Arab people.

The Media Centre For Ahwazi Revolution received statement from Ahwaz Center for Human Rights which strongly condemns any Iranian criminal offense against Ahwazi people, and the statement said:

News from the Al-Ahwaz reported that Persian security authorities prosecuting 20 innocent Ahwazis following an attack carried out by unknowns in the city of Hamidieh.

And according to a so-called Persian’s Justice website, the Court’s General Attorney Assistant in Al Ahwaz, Ali Asghar Sadeghi Gondmani, has said that security authorities have arrested more than 20 Ahwazis accused of attacking a checkpoint in the city of Hamidieh and for killing two soldiers and an officer.

According to information received by the Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights, the Iranian authorities exercising the worst kinds of physical and psychological torture on detainees in order to take forced confession.

It is worth mentioning that in the second day of April 2015, a clash occur in one of the military checkpoints located in the Ganbuah village near the city of Hamidieh, in which two soldiers and one officer were killed and right after of this incident, the Iranian authorities randomly arrested dozens of people from Hamidieh City and exercised the ugliest forms of torture to take the forced confessions.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights wouldn’t be surprised to see Iranian authorities broadcast clips of Ahwazi detainees confessing the attack on the checkpoint, which will be like its predecessors confessions of Ahwazi detainees came under excessive pressure and torture that was practiced against them.

The Ahwaz Center for Human Rights condemns the trial of 20 innocent Ahwazis and accuses the Persian security to exercise brutal torture against them and demanding the Iranian authorities to release them unconditionally, and calls Human Rights Council and other concerned organizations, and also Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, to follow-up the innocent Ahwazi file, which Iranian authorities will not be delayed in the implementation of its crime against them.

Ahwazi Center For Human Rights


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